6 Jan 2020

Halal Dim Sum at Canning Dim Sum Express, Bayan Baru, Penang

I planned for a surprise birthday lunch for husband with the whole family member at Canning Dim Sum Express, Bayan Lepas last week. Since husband's birthday would fall on a weekday, so I planned for the lunch the day before his actual birthday. Told him that we would go out for his birthday lunch, little that he knew that I invited his family too.

The lunch was also a way for me to take the chance to gather with the in-laws while my mom was in town too.  And while we were at it, we celebrated bro-in-law, Hafiz's belated birthday and parents-in-law, Ibu Ayah's anniversary as well.

Few hours before we leave the house for lunch, I told Balqis that we were going out to celebrate daddy's birthday and asked if she has bought any gift, jokingly. She was sad that she did not have anything to give so I told her she could write a wish for daddy. She was excited and straight away took her book and pencil case and ask how to write Happy Birthday for daddy.

Looking at how excited she was, I took out my box of papers, stickers, stationaries and help her make a card. A last minuted birthday card.

I'm pretty sure daddy was happy with this. :')

3 Jan 2020

The tradition continues on new year day - City Walk 1.1.2020

City Walk 2020 are the forth City Walk for mummy and daddy, third for Balqis and second for Bilal. Since we've been joining this for 4 years out of 8 years of City Walk, I can say it looks like it is almost being a tradition for our family. Plus, I kinda like the stamp collection on City Walk passport at check-points thing.

When we joined the City Walk 2014, we got pregnant with Balqis. So we skipped 2015 and 2016. We joined City Walk 2017 and later we found out we were pregnant with Bilal, hence no City Walk 2018 for us. But last year was good, hence we came back again yeay!

Like previous year, we woke up early on New Year morning to join the other Penangites for the City Walk 2020. City Walk is an annual event organized by Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang in conjunction with City Day. What I like about the City Walk is that not like other walk where you just walk for few kilometres to get the medal. One of this walk objective is to let you know more about Penang generally.

Each participants will be given a passport with five Penang attractions, historical places or main roads, and you will get stamped when you reach the check points.

Up and ready to walk!
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