6 Jan 2020

Halal Dim Sum at Canning Dim Sum Express, Bayan Baru, Penang

I planned for a surprise birthday lunch for husband with the whole family member at Canning Dim Sum Express, Bayan Lepas last week. Since husband's birthday would fall on a weekday, so I planned for the lunch the day before his actual birthday. Told him that we would go out for his birthday lunch, little that he knew that I invited his family too.

The lunch was also a way for me to take the chance to gather with the in-laws while my mom was in town too.  And while we were at it, we celebrated bro-in-law, Hafiz's belated birthday and parents-in-law, Ibu Ayah's anniversary as well.

Few hours before we leave the house for lunch, I told Balqis that we were going out to celebrate daddy's birthday and asked if she has bought any gift, jokingly. She was sad that she did not have anything to give so I told her she could write a wish for daddy. She was excited and straight away took her book and pencil case and ask how to write Happy Birthday for daddy.

Looking at how excited she was, I took out my box of papers, stickers, stationaries and help her make a card. A last minuted birthday card.

I'm pretty sure daddy was happy with this. :')
And I'm pretty sure I won't be getting one if daddy does not remind her to make one for me next year too.

On our way to the restaurant, Balqis asked if daddy's birthday would be like her birthday with friends and balloons and party. I said no, there will only be us eating lunch at a restaurant. She was said saying daddy need balloons too. (Like mummy got ones for her birthday la kan...) To make my girl happy, I googled balloons shop nearby so we made a stopped and buy the birthday balloons to bring to the restaurant. Sigh.

Daddy only realized that the family were joining us for lunch when we arrived at Canning Dim Sum.

Balqis did not prepare a card for Pak Lang, but she insisted on writing something so she wrote her wish on a piece of paper from her book.

Anyway, Canning Dum Sum Express (CDSE) is located at Di'Piazza Mall, Bayan Baru. The outlet is currently on Muslim friendly and pork-free status. But all of their dim sums and products are Halal certified as they are from Canning Dim Sum Ipoh which is a well known Halal certified dimsum in Ipoh. CDSE Bayan Baru is in the midst of applying for Halal certification for its outlet too.

The place is comfortable for a gathering as they have big round table that could fit in the 11 of us comfortably, including 1 baby high chair. I've always love round table as you can see and converse with everyone without feeling one is too far away from you. The set up is kids-friendly too.

Trust me, we ordered more than this. At this time, some has not being served yet but we could not wait to start eating hence the photo first lol.

Smoked duck

Assorted pau

And I honestly love the Ipoh White Coffee! I could come by just for the coffee, anytime.

I believe I did not do justice with the food photos. They looks awesomely good and taste much delicious than how they look in my photo sobss, thanks to super clingy son and super talkative daughter who wanted my attention all the time.

Definitely love the kids corner. Super useful when the kids are bored with the chit chatting adults lol.

The CDSE Bayan Baru staff are super helpful and friendly too, especially Cherlyn who's been very helpful and nice when I contacted through WhatsApp, and even make the effort to see me personally before we leave. Such an awesome personal experience on the day I celebrated my loved ones.

Definitely will come again!

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  1. Seronoknya bila boleh berkumpul ramai-ramai macam ni. Saya sukanya dim sum. Nampak menyelerakan.

  2. Alala...comelnya balqis. Pandai & kreatif dia buatkan kad untuk daddy dia.

  3. comelnya buat kad untuk daddy dia. teringat sarah dulu selalu buat kad macam ni untuk arwah ayah ada gambar orang pegang belon tinggi-tinggi hahahaha

  4. kagumnya buatkan birthday suprise untuk yang tersayang. Sangat comel, doakan bahagia hingga ke syurga.

  5. Wow!!!!! What a good place for CNY lunch with family, friends and love ones. Thank you for sharing your review.

  6. What a nice place to host celebration!

  7. Rasa lama sgt tak makan Dim Sum, tengok gambo ni teringin le pulak. Anyway..comei sgt tgok anak2 buat kad mcm ni..boleh simpan jadikan kenangan, depa dah besaq nanti tunjukkan semula kad2 ni

  8. Happy birthday. Meriah sambutannya. Lama dah tak makan dim sum. Tengok post ni terliur plak

  9. Happy birthday.. Walapun tak sempat beli kad tapi kad balqis paling win.. hehe.. Happy dapat gather ramai-ramai macam ni kan

  10. Selamat Hari Lahir! Seronoknya sambut hari lahir bersama keluarga. Saya dah bertahun tak sambut birthday hehe :)

  11. Lama dah x makan dim sum. Rindu pulak. Sweet laaa balqis buatkan kad utk daddy dia. Mesti lagi bermakna kan 😊

  12. Wow! So sweet buat celebration utk husband. Siap kumpul2kan keluarga mertua.. Tapi yg pentingnya siapa belanja? Hehe...

  13. Sedapnyaaaa.. X sampai2 lagi kat sini.. Walhal dekat je dengan rumah... Nak kena pi la nnt


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