21 September 2019

Fasting Skin Re-water Vital Therapy at Roszen Beauty, MyTown KL

Most knows that I am not the kind of woman who really cares about skin care. Plus, being a mother, I always find it hard to spend extra time going through the skincare products. I wonder how some able to sit in front of their mirror and do so. I would hear my kids screaming Mummmyyyy Mummmyyyy non-stop. But yes, once in a while, I do realize that I have been neglecting my skin and it looks so bad for my age. So I decided to give my skin a treatment it deserves.

When I was in Kuala Lumpur to celebrate Bilal's birthday recently, I visited a spa in MyTown Kuala Lumpur, Cheras, the Roszen Beauty.

Roszen Beauty is a one-stop concept beauty salon that strives to enhance people's confidence by providing comprehensive skin care solutions. Roszen offers a wide range of professional treatments. Roszen Beauty Spa is very relaxing and comfortable.

roszen beauty mytown kuala lumpur facial treatment spa

20 September 2019

Mini Karnival Al Haq in cooperation with Kindness Malaysia

We went to Mini Karnival al Haq on Malaysia Day, 16 September 2019 at Rumah Al Haq, Dato' Keramat Kuala Lumpur. The Mini Karnival Al Haq was held to get funding to cover the costs of their operations and other expenses in order to keep the residents safe and comfortable there.

There were many interesting activities that was organized besides selling of food and things, including Nerf Games, sand art, bayblades, face painting and many more.

The mini carnival was also attended by many other children from other shelter homes around Kuala Lumpur.

mini karnival rumah al haq kindness malaysia dato' keramat kuala lumpur

19 September 2019

I Won the China House Penang Doodle of The Week Contest

Few weeks back, the complete in-law family went for a tea time at China House Penang after attended a family member's wedding in Balik Pulau.

China House is one of Penang's famous cafe. It is a traditional compound of 3 heritage buildings linked by an open air courtyard. China House Penang which is located at Beach Street and Victoria Street, Georgetown, Penang, consists of 3 restaurants, 3 shops, 1 bakery, 2 art galleries and live music  every night.

They are famous for their cakes - there are up to 50 cakes a day!

At China House Penang, there is a paper placed on the table and crayons are given for the customers to doodle.

Before our meals arrived, I started doodling on the papers provided with the crayons, drawing Balqis and Bilal. Balqis later asked me to continue drawing Mummy and daddy and ended up drawing the whole family.

Note that I am not a doodle artist nor I am good in drawing. I just happen to like to conteng-conteng (sampai masa sekolah selalukena marah dengan my mom sebab conteng buku sekolah hahaha). And saja suka nak lukis to make the kids happy.

china house cafe cake penang beach street victoria street doodle of the week

18 September 2019

Birthday Party with KFC Chicky & Friends at AEON Big Ampang

We actually didn't plan big for Bilal's second birthday party. All we had in mind was to buy a cake and some food and hang out with family at home. But my mom got another idea and she wanted to throw her grandson a birthday party at any fast food restaurant instead. After giving some thoughts and had some discussions, we said okay to Nenek. So we had Bilal's 2nd birthday party at KFC Aeon Big Ampang the day after his actual birthday (because of the availability of the slot). 

We choose KFC as our party place as it is obviously everyone's favorite fast food restaurant. KFC Aeon Big Ampang is the nearest KFC store from our place which have the birthday party service. Plus point that the party area is spacious and is separated from the main KFC dining area.

11 September 2019

The Kids First Merdeka Celebration - National Day at Dataran Kulim Kedah

We were all excited to go celebrate the National Day at Esplanade (Padang Kota), Penang on the Saturday, 31st August 2019 morning, as per stated in the government website and few other website.

But once we arrived there, we saw the road was way too clear and quite for a long weekend holiday in Penang, let alone to have a Merdeka celebration. Then we remembered that daddy said the notis penutupan jalan is for Butterworth. So we checked on Facebook and other social media updates - yes - the celebration was done in Butterworth, not Esplanade. 😭

I was so frustrated for the fact I stayed up to sew their t-shirts to go for the national day marching and celebration. So we ended up go to have our breakfast (again) at Roti Canai Jalan Argyll and brought the kids to the playground instead.

sambutan merdeka kulim kedah 2019
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