18 Sep 2019

Birthday Party with KFC Chicky & Friends at AEON Big Ampang

We actually didn't plan big for Bilal's second birthday party. All we had in mind was to buy a cake and some food and hang out with family at home. But my mom got another idea and she wanted to throw her grandson a birthday party at any fast food restaurant instead. After giving some thoughts and had some discussions, we said okay to Nenek. So we had Bilal's 2nd birthday party at KFC Aeon Big Ampang the day after his actual birthday (because of the availability of the slot). 

We choose KFC as our party place as it is obviously everyone's favorite fast food restaurant. KFC Aeon Big Ampang is the nearest KFC store from our place which have the birthday party service. Plus point that the party area is spacious and is separated from the main KFC dining area.

KFC Birthday Party door gifts (Chicky and Friends Soft Toys) and games prizes

Definitely finger lickin' good! All food are served hot and fresh from the kitchen!

Besides the delicious Kentucky's fried chicken, the KFC Birthday Party package comes with entertaining and friendly crews from the Chicky & Friends Birthday Party team, who handled the party awesomely. There were few games planned with prizes prepared for the games winners too. The kids (and moms lol) definitely had so much fun!

There were all 3 games played during the party with 20 games prizes prepared (as for Package C).

The most awaited moment is of cos the appearance of Chicky and Adora for the cake cutting and photo session with everyone. 

KFC birthday cake for the birthday boy and September babies' cake from Mak Ngah. Love!

Celebrated the other September babies in the family too!
(Except Balqis yang suka nak menyibuk tu je)

I asked Balqis, "Best tak birthday Bilal ni?"
She answered, "Best sangat!“
And continued..."Birthday Balqis nanti pun nak kat sini."

(Looking for sponsorship for November party, please. TQ)

All in all, we had so much fun and totally enjoyed the party. From the catering menu, party space, KFC party crews, party packs, birthday cake, decorations plus happiness and convenience - it is worth every penny spent!

If you would like to check on KFC Chicky & Friends Birthday Party package, head over to their website events.kfc.com.my/birthday-party or just give them a call at 03-7682 8328 / 8329 / 8336. They are really friendly and helpful!

Thank you everyone who came to the party. We hope you had fun too!

My little family, with my mom and the in laws. 
We missed you Pak Lang and Mak Lang!

Check out Bilal's birthday fun on video here too!

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  1. waa bestnya. tk pernah lagi tengok birthday celebration di KFC. boleh suggest kat kawan kawan ni.

  2. Anak dulu pernah sambut birthday kat fast food juga. Punyalah seronok time tu. Ada pula maskot yang entertain kan?.

  3. Happy belated birthday Bilal. Semoga jadi anak yg soleh dan penyejuk hati buat ibu, ayah dan semua org yg menyayangi. Sorry tak ada rezeki nak dtg. Puas haku cari Sharmi dalam video ni. Nampak Aisyah je..


    1. Sharmi duk makan sbb x mampu nak join berlari-lari mcm aku. Hahaha. Dalam gambar je ada. Hehe.

      Thank you Mommy Eda. إن شاء الله ada rezeki next time jumpa ya.

  4. selamat hari lahir Bilal.. seronok gather ramai-ramai sambut birthday kat kentucky ye. dulu BBL pernah jugak handle birthday party customer. meriah tengok budak-budak excited nak menang hadiah

  5. happy birthday Bilal..mmg seronok anak-anak bila sambut birthday walau kat fast food..

    salam kenal dari www.iamfuzy.com

  6. Happy birthday Bilal. Semoga jadi anak yang soleh, sihat dan sentiasa happy selalu. Cerianya dia. Sedap la pula bila baca bab KFC ni...

  7. Masa anak sis kecik dulu ada jugak celeb birthday diorg kat kfc dn beberapa lagi restoran fast food. Memang diorg suka sgt sb ada mascot yg layan. Rindu pulak zaman anak2 kecik..huhuhu

  8. Happy Belated Birthday Bilal! Tak pernah lagi celebrate kat fast food restaurant. Dah sekolah, nak buat kat sekolah pula.

  9. Seronoknye buat besday kat KFC..Siap ada chicky. Kalau buat besday kat KFC utk anak-anak mesti diorang enjoy.

  10. Nice! Iza tau dekat KFC boleh celebrate birthday macam mcdonalds jugak tapi tak tau pulak boleh buat macam-macam aktiviti dengan tetamu. Ingatkan just nyanyi-nyanyi, potong kek and makan je.

  11. Happy belated birthday Bilal & other September babies. Moga membesar dgn baik & sihat ya. Yaaa KFC tempat yg sgt sesuai utk sambut birthday sbb semua org suka ayam goreng!

  12. I memang suka buat birthday kat kfc. Affordable and puas hati. Best part yAng chicky dtg and ada games! Anyway happy birthday Bilal.

  13. Happy belated birthday! Seronok nya sammbht birthday kt sini. Saya dulu2 smbut dii rumah je, tu pun dgn fammily je 😊😊

  14. Seronok la dia dan kawan2 dia ye celebrate bday kat kfc siap ada maskot lagi

  15. Masa kecik dulu, memang berharap sangat celebrate kat KFC. Biasa KFC paling best. Haha. Ada plan nak buat sekali untuk anak. Tapi masih plan je la. Hehe. Anyway, happy birthday Bilal. May Allah bless you and may you grow up to be a good and wonderful son to your parents.

  16. hahaha sempat lagi tu nak cari sponsor untuk birthday balqis nanti. Tak pernah lagi celebrate birthday party dekat KFC, looks fun and merrier lah dengan maskot bagai. Happy belated birthday Bilal!

  17. wah macam menarik je birthday party dkt kfc ni, boleh buat jugak nnti ni, heheh thank youu for the info

  18. AEON Big Ampang kat belah mana kak. Saya tau Wangsa Maju aje. Bestnya KFC ni luas, seronok bleh celebrate birthday anak-anak.

  19. seronaknya,lain kali boleh celebrate birthday dekat KFC.

  20. Boleh recommend tak utk di sabah?nak celebrate dgn anak2 murid di sek nak ajak maskit kfc??

  21. A friend of mine also had his son’s birthday there and guess who had the best time?
    Me - the only adult who is yet to be a parent as I love kids!


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