30 Mei 2008

Jalan2 Penang...Again! Part II

Toy Museum
- located in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel, at Jalan Tanjung Bungah (on the way to Feringgi), this is a must-visit place either for little kids or teenage or even adults. this is the largest toy museum in the word and 1st in Asia!

The entrance fee for adult is RM10 and RM6 for children. Open daily from 10.00 to 9.00pm. It is a reasonable price and worth for seeing over 100,000 toys, dolls and collectibles in such special museum.

Passion for toys is where it all begins, says the proud owner Loh Lean Cheng of his collections. He was inspired with toys collection after visiting the London Toy and Model Museum at the age of 19. For the past 30 years - Starting from the first toy that he bought in 1973 at 0.5 pound (Popeye), his collection just keeps on growing & growing. Today, almost everything that you ever think of (on toys) can be found here.

The wall of the museum is creatively decorated with the famous ancient Egyptian monument such as the Great Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza.

What's inside?

Spiderman, Batman, the Power Rangers, X-Men, X-Files, Tarzan, The Simpsons, Winnie the Pooh, Barney, Snoopy, Bananas in Pyjamas, Dalmations, Toy Story, Garfield, Barbie, Ninja Turtles,

actor/actress/singers little creatures - Bruce Lee, Andy Lau, Jackie Chan, The Beatles, Kiss, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera &Michael Jackson.

life-size - Lara Croft, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Jack Sparrow (Pirates of Carribean), Shrek

what else u want to see? jast name it!
seriously u will be crazy once u step inside the museum.

More pics HERE!!

28 Mei 2008

Jalan2 Penang...Again! Part I

Pasar Chowrasta
located at jalan chowrasta facing jalan penang. source from the internet, Chowrasta means "four cross roads" in Urdu. it was originally built in 1890 by George Town municipality. it was rebuilt in 1920 and remain unchanged until 1981 when a new market was builtin its place. before, more than 3/4 stallholders were Indian Muslim.

for me, this is the jeruk heaven! you can find all kind of jeruk-mangga, cermai, "kokondong" (Rich AF4 version of kedondong), salak, and Penang famous nutmeg, also dried foods and local-foods.

i bought dodol (by grams) and jeruk mangga for myself.

semua orang pun rambang mata tengok jeruk-jeruk depan mata ni. cousin kak lina even went there twice. ntah die nak bukak kedai jeruk kat rumah ke ape. huhuhu~ sementara menbeli, jeruk2 yang ditelan oleh perut-perut kami pun dah nak sampai harga rm5 kot. nasib la ye tauke.. kitorang beli banyak tau.

the children x mintak jeruk. but they asked for buih sabun untuk ditiup2.

24 Mei 2008

it's 0116hrs.
i can't sleep.

i'm downloading csi but the internet connection is too lembap dan sengal.
so bored, rummie went back home, but still couldn't fall asleep.
think i'm too excited bout mum coming here tomorrow.
cousin sis lina coming with the whole family - hubby+amir,hilman,nurin+her mOm+kak alis - and mum come together tOo. so, will be jalan-jalan ke penang lagi saya tomorrow.
might go to the same places again~ sbb kak lina x pernah pergi lagi some places yang dah pernah bawak mum & other. but one place for sure for the children - Toy Museum - and for me too! i just love the place so much. wish i could colect toys as many as that!

i have a happy thing, an exciting thing, a 'alhamdulillah' thing coming into my life soon, InsyaAllah.. but cant burst it out yet. x confirm lagi. takut x jadi pulak. malu jer! huhu.. it's like dreams come true. ceh..ceh...
you. yes, you. the one reading this, please pray for me supaya ia akan menjadi kenyataan~ please. please. please do.

i just transfered & edited our Polymer Nite dinner video yang sudah lapuk itu. miss some of them already. some of them have started working, some are still here with me, some had already confirm will pursue their study in Master. but mostly i miss the camera-man so so much. come here! come see me now!

pics of haris zikri and nurin adrianna; our laughters and joys.

till we meet again~
nyte peeps

22 Mei 2008

little creature~

back at home last week, bongkar2 almari, kemas2 sbb nak bawak balik barang2 di kampus ini pulang ke rumah.. dalam mengemas dapat la mengumpul anak-anakku yang banyak2 dirumah. koleksi semenjak kecik2 lagi. but some of it dah bagi anak-anak buah, dah derma kat PBSM, dah jual kat LYN. so these are some more left.

mum said this was given by cousin kak lina for my birthday but cant remember what year that was. she always taught me that present given must be keep well. i know that this thing had live in my almari for at least 15 to 17 years.

most of them are presents.. dulu saye mmg suke kumpul bear2 so ramai ler yang menghadiahkan patung/bear sehingga la ke zaman skolah menengah pun...

yang baby rabbit ni pun hadiah harijadi, mak kate makcik sulungku yang bagi. pun....x ingat tahun bile. must be when i was little la kan? cuz i cant remember it as well. huhuhu~

this one was given by a primary school friend, Musrinieyanty in 1996. yang ni x tergolong di antara yang little2. sbb kene tumpang Pn.Jamaliah jugak la balik naik kete nak bawak kotak die (kalau bawak nek bas mini, pasti jahanam sudah sebelum sempat bukak kotak itu, huhuhu~). i remember that she told me she asked her mum beli hadiah before fetch her up at school that evening (mase tu sesi sekolah petang).

p/s: anybody yang nak bagi anak patung kepada saya, amatlah di alu-alukan.. walaupun harijadi lambat lagi, majlis konvo saye akan menjelang. =p

18 Mei 2008

Pasar Minggu Jalan TAR

its been a while since i last went to pasar minggu at Jalan TAR. the last time i went there was few years back with cousin kak alice and kak mala, if i'm not mistaken. yesterday, cousin kak alice and kak lina and her children came to the house after mandi manda in sungai congkak. kak alice said things bout going to the pasar minggu and i was like, "nak ikutttttttt!!!". but she didnt go anyway. i ask mum if she want to there and she said ok.

bought some tudungs, shirt for cousin dba and haziq and boo. anf fOod is a must! lot and lot of ppl. luckily we went there quite early. it became more crowded when we were about to go home.

enjoying cendol

popia yang sedap

this is not for mum, OK!

16 Mei 2008

Update sudah!

ada orang suruh saya update. xtau nak update ape pun. so, dpt disimpulkan...

1) dah start keje RA tp macam x start je sbb belum dapat kerja yang betul2. just buat tu ni tu ni jer.

2) saya balik rumah lagi hari ni. sbb isnin cuti wesak. huhu.. baru seminggu sudah mahu pulang lagi. hebat kan?

3) saya telah berjaya mengajar orang yang sibuk suruh update blog itu webcam. semalam kami ber-webcam bertiga bersama seorang lagi cousin.

4) gossip girl e16 dan e17 juga sudah ada. sudah tengok.

5) Hari ini GG e18 is out!! tapi saya mahu balik so x bley nak download. aahhh! tidaaakkkk..!!!

6) separuh akhir piala thomas sedang berlangsung. mari menyokong Malaysia!!!!! Malaysia dah kalah ngn China....

11 Mei 2008

this one is for you...

She used to be my only enemy and never let me free
Catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be
Every other day I crossed the line
I didn't mean to be so bad
I never thought you would become the friend I never had

Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood (So now)
So now I see through your eyes

All that you did was love

Mama I love you
Mama I care
Mama I love you
Mama my friend
(You're my friend)

I didn't want to hear it then but
I'm not ashamed to say it now
Every little thing you said and did was right for me
I had a lot of time to think about, about the way I used to be
Never had a sense of my responsibility

Back then I didn't know why
Why you were misunderstood (So now)
So now I see through your eyes
All that you did was love

Mama I love you
Mama I care
Mama I love you
Mama my friend
(You're my friend)
You're my friend

But now I'm sure I know why (I know why)
Why you were misunderstood
So now I see through your eyes (I see through your eyes)
All I can give you is love (All I can give you is love)

Mama I love you
Mama i care
Mama I love you
Mama my friend

HaPpy moTher's Day....

5 Mei 2008

mother's day coming soon. what should i give/do? idea.. idea... i need some.
help me ppl!

1 Mei 2008

Happy Labour Day!

hey, peeps. kinda bored staying here with no roommate 4 a while (zyd, cepat la turun!) plus the movies+drama sharers are mostly home by now. i need to do something to survive! Full report completed and i will officially be out of student life. yayyy! congratulation, Julia! so, jOb offer? not yet. x de rezeki lagi stakat ni. mintak2 cepat la ade rezeki. will be doing R.A. here for my fyp supervisor, Dr. Azura. she's going to have her baby any time now. her 3rd child after the 1st & 2nd twin.

gossip girl is back! greatest news ever since the last 13th episode. oh! downloaded e15: desperately seeking serena by my own. yes. i will do so sbb dah xde org nak tlg download kan, as long as i can watch my beloved Rufus. huhuhu~

E14: the Blair bitch project
S comporting B

E15: Desperately seeking Serena
G - S's worst nightmare

and there's a new series that i like, Miss Guided. Staring Judy Greer (Becky Freeley), Brooke Burns (Lisa Germain), Kristoffer Polaha (Tim O’Malley) and more. The story is about the life of Becky Freeley, a guidance counselor at Glen Ellen High School which she attended when she was a teenager.

Becky tries to help guide the students so that they will cope with high school better than she did. She comes back to find her old insecurities reignited by the presence of a vixen classmate, Lisa, a very attractive lady who teaches English in the same school. Lisa is interested in a Spanish teacher, Tim who happens to be the guy Becky likes, too.

okay! hear this. Ashton Kutcher appears in episode 2, as a substitute Spanish teacher, wearing thumb rings and a guitar slung over his shoulder. i am so cair~ anybody willing to help me kill demi moore?

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