1 Mei 2008

Happy Labour Day!

hey, peeps. kinda bored staying here with no roommate 4 a while (zyd, cepat la turun!) plus the movies+drama sharers are mostly home by now. i need to do something to survive! Full report completed and i will officially be out of student life. yayyy! congratulation, Julia! so, jOb offer? not yet. x de rezeki lagi stakat ni. mintak2 cepat la ade rezeki. will be doing R.A. here for my fyp supervisor, Dr. Azura. she's going to have her baby any time now. her 3rd child after the 1st & 2nd twin.

gossip girl is back! greatest news ever since the last 13th episode. oh! downloaded e15: desperately seeking serena by my own. yes. i will do so sbb dah xde org nak tlg download kan, as long as i can watch my beloved Rufus. huhuhu~

E14: the Blair bitch project
S comporting B

E15: Desperately seeking Serena
G - S's worst nightmare

and there's a new series that i like, Miss Guided. Staring Judy Greer (Becky Freeley), Brooke Burns (Lisa Germain), Kristoffer Polaha (Tim O’Malley) and more. The story is about the life of Becky Freeley, a guidance counselor at Glen Ellen High School which she attended when she was a teenager.

Becky tries to help guide the students so that they will cope with high school better than she did. She comes back to find her old insecurities reignited by the presence of a vixen classmate, Lisa, a very attractive lady who teaches English in the same school. Lisa is interested in a Spanish teacher, Tim who happens to be the guy Becky likes, too.

okay! hear this. Ashton Kutcher appears in episode 2, as a substitute Spanish teacher, wearing thumb rings and a guitar slung over his shoulder. i am so cair~ anybody willing to help me kill demi moore?

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