24 Mei 2008

it's 0116hrs.
i can't sleep.

i'm downloading csi but the internet connection is too lembap dan sengal.
so bored, rummie went back home, but still couldn't fall asleep.
think i'm too excited bout mum coming here tomorrow.
cousin sis lina coming with the whole family - hubby+amir,hilman,nurin+her mOm+kak alis - and mum come together tOo. so, will be jalan-jalan ke penang lagi saya tomorrow.
might go to the same places again~ sbb kak lina x pernah pergi lagi some places yang dah pernah bawak mum & other. but one place for sure for the children - Toy Museum - and for me too! i just love the place so much. wish i could colect toys as many as that!

i have a happy thing, an exciting thing, a 'alhamdulillah' thing coming into my life soon, InsyaAllah.. but cant burst it out yet. x confirm lagi. takut x jadi pulak. malu jer! huhu.. it's like dreams come true. ceh..ceh...
you. yes, you. the one reading this, please pray for me supaya ia akan menjadi kenyataan~ please. please. please do.

i just transfered & edited our Polymer Nite dinner video yang sudah lapuk itu. miss some of them already. some of them have started working, some are still here with me, some had already confirm will pursue their study in Master. but mostly i miss the camera-man so so much. come here! come see me now!

pics of haris zikri and nurin adrianna; our laughters and joys.

till we meet again~
nyte peeps

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  1. noi...printkan gmbr anak aku tu...chomel ler...nak wat frame...

  2. nnt2 lEr.. tggU org balik umah

  3. can't sleep?? g kira kambing!! :)


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