27 Jan 2011

Cincang cili lumat lumat

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Hari ni cakap kat mak nak masak ikan talapia masak cili. Tapi cili merah tu tak nak tumbuk macam biasa. Nak bagi mak makan macam mana org masak masa duduk hostel dulu.
Kat hostel sebenarnya tak boleh masak, tapi kitorang seludup masuk multicooker and masak dalam bilik. Sshhh~ hahaha. Pastu dah kata pun seludup je kan, maka takde la blender atau lesung batu. So bila teringin nak buat nasi goreng ke, makanan yg bercili ke, ni lah caranya. Cincang cili tu sehalus yang mampu. Dlm gambar tu tak cukup halus lagi. Tp tangkap gambar dulu takut lupa. Hehe.
P/s: rindu nak masak2 dalam bilik dgn exroommate yg skrg tengah pregnant. Hehe. Congrats, zyd! ;D

IMU Aspire sourvenir

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The International Medical University (IMU), the place where I'm working on contract now is launching its Project ASPIRE - IMU Strategic Plan 2011 - 2015 today. We also got the sourvenir, a notebook and a button badge. Yay! First stuff i got from IMU. Haha. Plus, I got a button badge to add to my collection. Yes I collect button badges. But it has been awhile since I buy or got a new one. :D

25 Jan 2011

#iheartborneo My Kota Kinabalu Trip - Day 2

My trip to Kota Kinabalu started on the second day with photography session in KK town. Went to the waterfront area and took some photographs with the fishes.


23 Jan 2011

Berkumpul dan makan makan bersama keluarga

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Hari ni keluarga Tok Mat kitorang berkumpul untuk makan makan. Dah lama tak berkumpul saja saja macam ni. Kalau berkumpul selalu pun samada untuk open house raya atau harijadi sesiapa. So kitorg decide nak berkumpul hari ni, last minute plan. Bakar bakar ikan, simple steamboat dan lain2 lagi. And yang paling meriah, semua pakai baju sama colour - hitam! Enjoyyyyy!

22 Jan 2011

#iheartborneo My Kota Kinabalu Trip - Day 1

Remember the return ticket to Kota Kinabalu that I won from IHeartBorneo, sponsored by FireFly? Well, I claimed it and went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with Mum last weekend. I don’t plan to write down the details of each places I went to, cos i’ll do it later in my Travel Blog. But here is how my trip went.

So the trip started as early as 5am, me and mum went to KLIA to go on board on a 655am flight to Kota Kinabalu. Flight took off at around 700am.

Through the windows of the new FireFly Boeing 737-800

21 Jan 2011

9 must-have items for Chinese New Year

Being a Malay myself, I don’t recall having anything in particular that we need to prepare for Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Aidiladha that symbolic for anything. We just prepare variety of dishes, new clothes and decorate our house for the guest like any other religion would do as celebrating their own ‘raya’.

I was reading The Sun this morning and came across a simple yet informative article regarding how the Chinese celebrates the Chinese New Year. I remember visited my former primary schoolmate -Cheong Ee Wan's house during Chinese New Year and another friend, Narveen's house for Deepavali. Those were the days when I celebrated all the 'raya' in Malaysia. I think I have less multiracial friends now. Or I do, but I just don't share the celebration with them anymore.

We live in Malaysia with different races, religions and cultures. I don’t know if you like to get to know their cultures, but I do. So I’m sharing what I read about celebrating Chinese New Year with those who are interested to know as well.

Chinese New Year 2011 marks the year of Rabbit

20 Jan 2011

Undangan majlis perkahwinan @knizam94

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Jumpe twitter friends kat KL Sentral sebab diorang nak bagi kad undangan dari @knizam94 yang jauh di perantauan. Time kasih @azmanishak yang menjadi tukang bagi kad, bagi pihak knizam. Budak2 ni dah start buat plan konvoi dah.

18 Jan 2011

Leaving Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Boarding any time soon, and i feel sad. This is my first trip to Kota Kinabalu and I've fall in love with Sabah already. Generally, ok. Not with the warrior guy in Monsopiad village *wink* Made a promise to myself that i'll come back one day since there are still many places i didnt have enough time to visit.
One thing for sure, Sabahans are friendly! Love them for that. Kudos!
Cant wait to blog about my trip. ;D

17 Jan 2011

#iheartborneo Jambatan Tamparuli, Sabah

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Jambatan yang terkenal di Sabah kerana terdapat lagu rakyat yang bertajuk Jambatan Tamparuli, juga pernah dinyanyikan oleh Marsha dalam Akademi Fantasia musim ke3.

16 Jan 2011

#MyKKtrip Sunday Market Gaya Street

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Today marked a history in my own life as it's my very first time coming to Sabah. Means, i've completed all the 13 states in Malaysia. Yay to me! Hehe.
Arrived at KK international airport at 9.36am, took the car from the rental company and headed straight to Gaya Street for its well known Sunday morning market. Gotta do some cuci mata here! Daa!

12 Jan 2011

The man who saved my thesis

There is a photocopy shop in Taman Pekaka, Nibong Tebal where I've always go to photocopy stuff, buy ink catridges, A4 papers etc., the Perniagaan Winky Enterprise. The shop is owned by a Chinese married couple who I just call Uncle and Aunty.

I went there since 2004, my very first year in USM Engineering campus. The uncle & aunty were just like other friendly shop owner. Always ask me how I doing. And after my 4th year there, Uncle realized that I was supposed to be graduated and asked if I pursue my study. They were just a normal couple that didn’t really give a big impact on my life. Not until a few days ago...

11 Jan 2011

Another invitations...

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Meeting up with 2 schoolmates, Ashraf Saim and Fadilah Zakaria at Starbucks Jusco Maluri. Been a while since i came here. The place where we used to hang out during high school. anyway, both Acap and Fadilah are sending out their wedding invitation cards. Oh, separate weddings, ok. Haha.
Got home earlier this evening with another card waiting at home from Erma, exKMNS mate.

6 Jan 2011

Why I don't write very personal stuff in my personal blog

I consider this blog as a personal blog as I started it as one, and I don’t really blog about specific stuffs like the one I do with my Travel Blog, well as the title says so – for travelling stuffs. But even as a personal blog, I don’t really blog about things that I feel a bit too personal to share with the readers like some other bloggers do. I am not that secretive, if you know me personally, but I have my own reasons on why I refuse to share some little part of my life. And I kind of amazed with some bloggers who really share EVERYTHING with the readers. Some of them make the blog like their own diary. And let everyone read their diary. But if you ever try to ask them don’t they think they’re being too open, you get answers like “Well, it’s my blog, I write everything I want”.

5 Jan 2011

Musim hujan di Kuala Lumpur

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Sejak dua menjak ni asyik hujan je bila petang kat Kuala Lumpur. Ni dalam tren aliran Ampang dari Sri Petaling nak balik rumah. Tadi hujan lebat sangat tapi sekarang dah reda sikit. Semalam bawak kereta, kat area bdr tasik selatan kereta gerak peelahan sebab banyak kawasan air bertakung. Hari ni naik train sebab malas redah jem. Hehe.

P/s: Siapa tahu nak off bunyi camera n8? Agak terasa sengal jugak bunyi camera dalam tren tetiba.

1 Jan 2011

Goodbye 2010

I’ve never celebrated the eve of New Year, so I’ve never done any post on end/new year. But looking and reading all blogs posting about the memories of 2010, and their wish for 2011 makes me feel like writing a post, too.

So, let me start by doing a summary of my 2010 even though I know there's nothing much to share. Just a reminder to myself, I guess. :)

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