12 Jan 2011

The man who saved my thesis

There is a photocopy shop in Taman Pekaka, Nibong Tebal where I've always go to photocopy stuff, buy ink catridges, A4 papers etc., the Perniagaan Winky Enterprise. The shop is owned by a Chinese married couple who I just call Uncle and Aunty.

I went there since 2004, my very first year in USM Engineering campus. The uncle & aunty were just like other friendly shop owner. Always ask me how I doing. And after my 4th year there, Uncle realized that I was supposed to be graduated and asked if I pursue my study. They were just a normal couple that didn’t really give a big impact on my life. Not until a few days ago...

I went back to campus after weeks at home to finally submitting my first copy of thesis to be examined. I went back on Saturday, reached campus in the evening and started to print 5 sets of colored copies of my thesis. 4 copies to be submitted to the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS) and 1 is for my own. I needed to photocopy another 6 sets of black and white to be submitted to the school. So I randomly pick one of the printed copies and headed to Uncle's shop.

I said to Uncle; I wanted 6 copies, photocopy the front page on a red paper, then bind them all. I would come with the other 4 copies the next day to bind (since I forgot to bring them too).

The next day when I arrived at the shop, the 6 copies + 1 original copy were still on the table - unbinded. Uncle wasn't there at the moment so I asked Aunty why my thesis isn’t binded. I was a bit frustrated because I thought I could settle everything by noon.

Then Aunty told me that Uncle spotted mistakes in page numbering. I was shocked and checked at the 4 copies which I just brought in - no mistake at all. Then I checked at the original copy I sent earlier - yes, i made a mistake! I misprinted some pages. There is no Abstract (English) but there is double Abstrak (Malay).

How I randomly pick THE one copy I've printed with mistake to be photocopied. And how lucky I am that Uncle was alert with the page numbering, and saw the mistake! Such a careless mistake, Julia!!! How would my thesis (to be examined) be if Uncle wasn't that alert?

So I asked Aunty to photocopied the Abstract on the spot, and rearrange the 6 copies. (Uncle only photocopied 1 Abstrak in Malay for each set).

I am indebted to Uncle. I would've submitted a thesis with mistakes if wasn't for him. He deserves this special acknowledgement.

Thank you so much Uncle and Aunty!

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