1 Jan 2011

Goodbye 2010

I’ve never celebrated the eve of New Year, so I’ve never done any post on end/new year. But looking and reading all blogs posting about the memories of 2010, and their wish for 2011 makes me feel like writing a post, too.

So, let me start by doing a summary of my 2010 even though I know there's nothing much to share. Just a reminder to myself, I guess. :)


1st thing 1st, I got my blog its own domain – bubbles182.com ;D

New social network friends

I started to tweet actively, and for the first time, meeting up with strangers. From the #4sqdayKL meet up, to the Youth10, #Oct23rdtwtup and other small number tweet up. I’m glad to know and meet every single one of them.


Travel. Holiday. Travel.

Singapore – thanks, Mum for the treat!
Melaka – more like an annual trip for me and mum ;p
Rebak Island – with the Yuhas, abang, kak ann and grandma. Happiness.

You should’ve known by now that I love jalan-jalan so much! So any jalan-jalan thing, even it’s just in Kuala Lumpur - to museum or zoo - would already make me happy. :D

Twitter Contest

I also realized that  2010 has been good to me, in the internet world. Via twitter, I won the Astro B.Player World Cup contest. Yes! The first ever internet contest I won, even just for consolation prize. ;p

Blogging finally paid!

My readers would probably know that I was selected as one of the Maxis10 reviewer to review the Nokia N8. And I got the phone as a reward. It was the biggest accomplishment ever for me, after years of blogging.

Contest again

And during the Ogilvy dinner, I won a return ticket to Kota Kinabalu, which I’ll go with mummy soon InsyaAllah.


Despite all the happiness, there are also a few things that happened that rather hurtful and kinda brought me sadness.

So long, Honda C70

My grandpa sold his Honda C70, which I love so much. The motorcycle with memories. :’(

MSc in Polymer Engineering

I didn’t finish my Master on time. I didn’t submit my thesis on time. I failed to finish my Master according to plan. I blame myself for this. Laziness comes within myself.

And due to that, I haven’t really start working and support Mum. Double triple sadness.


I wished to get married on this specific date during my teenage years, But well... not happened. Hahaha. Kidding. ;p

Anyway, I just wish to be better, to achieve more in 2011. Amin.

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