30 Dis 2010

#harimaumalaya brings back the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

I know that every single blog must have updated about this since last night, but I want to!

I am so proud of the Malaysia #harimaumalaya team that I want share with everyone the joy of it. :D Watched the game at home last night, shouted and screamed, honestly one of the most nerve-wracking match I’ve ever watch. Feel like gugur jantung to watch every second of game (plus tweeting). :P That match seems more interesting than any Manchester United game I’ve ever watched. Haha.

Anyway, by beating the Indonesia Garuda team 3-0 in the first leg (Stadium Bukit Jalil), and score 1-2 against them in the second leg (Gelora Bung Karno), Malaysia Tiger wins the game and brings back the AFF Suzuki Cup WITH PROUD!


(Source : TheStar Online)

And one thing that I really really wanna share, especially with those who are not in Twitter, check this out!

Rio Ferdinand, baby!!! Yeah Rio Ferdinand congratulated the Malaysia team on his Twitter last night. Besides him, well, of course all the Malaysians did! :D

Welcome back, #harimaumalaya!! 

p/s: Thanks Kerel, for being the one who first told me about Rio's tweet.

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