20 Dis 2010

Trying out the Blogger mobile templates

After reading the article from amanz.my about the mobile templates for Blogger, I was called to try that out since me, myself is a smart phone user and always read others' blog on the go, wherever and whenever I want to.

I know that I don't really have a lot of readers that wish to spend their precious time reading my blog via the computers or laptops, moreover via phones. But hey, there's no harm trying the new stuff right? ;p

But since I use customized templates for my blogs the one that will appear on the mobile version is just the Simple Mobile templates, and this is how it look likes on my Nokia N8 .

And this is how the blog look like on Opera mobile browser.

(Left: Normal template view. Right: Simple mobile template view)

Anyway, if you have the QR code reader on your phone, try check these out for the link to my blogs on your mobile ;)

Check which is which! ;p

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