19 Dis 2010

The OgilvyPRKL dinner, ‘Makan’

Well, as a previous Maxis10 reviewer of the Nokia N8, I was invited to a dinner party held by the Ogilvy PRKL, the company who organize the Maxis10 Programme on behalf of Maxis. The dinner - ‘Makan’ – was held at their place, at Menara Milenium, Damansara on the Friday night.

One of the objective or reason for the dinner is to celebrate the people who directly or indirectly involve with their company. And also for the Ogilvy team and us to mingle, and us, with each other. Well, me being me, I dont really go around, just hang out with my two bodyguards of the day and fortunately, Kak Nani (@loveykatz) was also there and we just sat and gossiping. ;p
 17122010739My bodyguards of the day – Aman and Een ;p

17122010741Kak Nani and Fiona

The Ogilvy team held their ‘tradition’ game – The 3 Jacob cracker in a minute challenge. We literally forced Een to join the game, which he decline at first but well, being a gentleman and joined anyway.
No one actually did finish the 3 crackers in a minute but Harinder (@lightyoruichi) won the first to finish all 3 crackers.

And Een really need to thank us for forcing him to join the game because he won a pair of return tickets to Kuching just for participating!!!



17122010758 17122010760Isn’t this place lovely? I want to work at a office with this kind of environment too!

17122010765Abang artis, Sham Hardy ;p

17122010766Harinder and Een

At the end of the dinner, before we went back, they told us to tweet #iheartborneo and the first 3 person to tweet that would win a return tickets by Firefly too. And wel, hey. I got to fly to Kota Kinabalu yawww~! ;D

You could win the ticket just like we did1 Check this out - www.iheartborneo.com/giveaway ;D

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