21 Dis 2010

Lawatan sambil tweet ke Zoo Negara

Planned a trip to Zoo Negara last weekend with some Twitter friends who are now my real life friends. Some of us went to a #kltour trip to Muzium Negara, Planetarium Negara, Tugu Negara and Central Market (which was more to a hangout session for us but a first time visit for Eny ;p) last month.

The previous member of the trip  (Me, Aman, Eny, Ayong, Kay and Mun), together with some new members, Een, Kerel and Zelo  went to the Zoo Negara last Sunday.

According to the plan, we were supposed to meet at the Zoo by 10 am, which on the day, I was still at home waiting for somebody to pick me up. Yeah. So janji Melayu, kan? -__-"


Me, Aman, Kay and Mun arrived at the zoo at around 10.30 am and decided to go in first, without waiting for the other group from Shah Alam because we thought it wouldn't be a long wait.....


...but look at them. That was exactly what we were doing while waiting for the other halves. Lepak depan kandang siamang ke kongkang ke apa ntah, dengar diorang lawan suara siapa paling nyaring.

Yeah we managed to gather at around 12noon, two hours after the original plan. #majuk!

Untuk korang yang lambat tu *ehem* ni video untuk korang tengok sebab korang rugi tak dapat tengok dan dengar ni.


Then we go around the zoo happily (or at least I was happy) ;p I was kind of excited to see the animals. The last time I went to Zoo Negara, KL was during standard 5 or 6, and latest zoo visit was to Zoo Taiping in early 2009. Kot?

Brother Bear!!! ;D

"Guess who am I?" said the mysterious tiger.

Participated in a contest by an NGO as a awareness of tiger extinction.

And as we walked by... we bumped into four apes that might be accidentally escaped from their kandang, jumping here and there like they own the zoo. Fortunately for you blog readers, I managed to capture their photo. Look!!!

The four apes. Lalala~

The geeks (excluding me): fazreen.me, amanz.my, khairilafzal.com, orange4k.com

Eny buat drama excited jumpa Aman

The #haikorunkk~ crew : Mun, Kay, Ayong, Eny, Zelo, Een, Aman, Kerel
Inside the bee section. Caught in action: Aman dan Kerel bertukar2 pandangan manja dan mesra :P

So pity this tapir, kan..? :'( Shouldn't the zoo taking care of the animals?

Oh, and I fed the elephant. Yayyy!! Elephants are cute! Me like elephants. Hehe. I wanna ride the elephant like I did the last time I came like yearsssss ago but the service is no longer available.

IMG_2619 Time kasih incik Kay untuk gambar ini. Tak sangka saya nampak begitu comel memberi gajah itu makan dengan penuh kasih sayang. Hahaha!



Well, the trip ended with hanging out session at NZ Wangsa Maju, and then proceed to Wangsa Walk for A&W floats! ;D


And again, thanks korang for the enjoyable day trip. Where to for the next trip? :P

Oh, the blog post title. Yeahh. Instead of'lawatan sambil belajar', 'lawatan sambil tweet' is much better to describe the trip. Tweeting, twitpic-ing all the time. ;p


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