13 Dis 2010

Setulus Kaseh Charity Dinner with @maherzain - by Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia

Hey guys, as some of you might know, I’ve been blogging about Rumah Titian Kaseh (RTK) for a few times by now. I was also invited  by Mr. Muhammad from Donate For Ummah – the man who always gives his hand to help the unfortunate from RTK  as a writer for the RTK blog ( I didn’t really write a lot there tho.. huhu... my bad -_-" ) Anyway, he asked me to help to promote a charity dinner with the most charming male singer of the moment, Maher Zain they’ve been planning.


The charity dinner program, which is called as the “Malam Amal Setulus Kaseh… bersama Maher Zain” is a collaboration between Muslim Aid and Rumah Titian Kaseh, Innovative Management Consultancy (IMC) and ESQ alumni. The purpose of the dinner was held is to help in raising funds for the RTK to buy the house that they are living in now.

To help solving this problem, the Muslim Aid and partners in IMC and the ESQ  alumni took the initiative to hold  a Setulus Kaseh charity dinner. The dinner will be held at The Summit Hotel Subang USJ in 26, 27 and December 28, 2010.

The prices of the tables & chairs are;

"Meja Cinta" = (10 tables x RM10,000.00)/ RM1000.00
"Meja Kasih" = (30 tables x RM 5000.00) / RM500.00
"Meja Sayang" = (40 tables x RM 3000.00) / RM300.00
"Meja Ukhwah" = (20 tables x RM 2000.00) / RM200.00

Payment can be made to a CIMB account :  1422-0000070-10-8 (Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia)

After the payment is done, do e-mail the payment slip to mail@muslimaidasia.com with details:
1- Full name;
2- Phone number;
3- Package (tables & chairs);
4- Dinner date chosen;
5- Total payment.

For those who are interested and willing to also sponsor the children of RTK to join the dinner, do drop a call to:
1. Muhammad Kamarulazizi (Muslim Aid Malaysia) - 012 3377195
2. Nazirah Idris (IMC) - 013 3898534
3. Sukma (Alumni ESQ) - 016 3011540
4. Rumah Titian Kaseh - 03- 40255246

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