15 Dis 2010

Top 10 blogger kacak – parody of @andyhowtt's

Well, not really a parody. Just when Andy posted the entry, it’s from his eyes. So.. I feel like listing down my own choice of ‘Top 10 Blogger Kacak’ in my eyes. ;D

If you think you are handsome, macho, gorgeous etc. but you’re not listed, may be because I happen to never reach your blog yet. So, please do leave your blog link (in case of I’m updating my Top 10 Blogger Kacak list in the future). :P

Well, lets count it backward!

10. @munsyi - kokoro-no-haiku.blogspot.com

Met him for the first time a few days back. yes, he is kacak i tell you. And one more thing that make him more kacak – he is friendly eventhough that was the first time we met. Yes, in my eyes, friendly guy is kacak.

9. @d2z – d2zack.blogspot.com

Nik Zubaidi. One of my lovely not-so-little-brother who is still struggling in his 4th year study in USM Engineering Campus. He loves photography, just like I do. Well, adik kacak.. ikut kakak lah kan.. Kak Bubbles dia kan comeyyy ;p

8. @ohtweet - justkhai.com/blog

source : Khai’s FB

Sorry that I had to put the censored version of Khai’s picture. But… if you ever met him in person, he does look good honestly. What make him more kacak in my eyes? He’s tall! Like serious tall! Oh! Too bad he’s taken girls. :P

7. @roslan_nazri - qiilans87.com 

source : Roslan’s FB

I just have to put up this picture of him even though there are like a lot of his picture in FB because….. well if you know me… *ehem* he’s wearing Baju Melayu, yawww! *melts* Yes, I have a thing for guys in Baju Melayu. That’s why I’m always out somewhere during the time guys go and back from Solat Jumaat. Lalala~ ;p

6. @khairilafzal – khairilafzal.com


Honestly, he’s more to manis than kacak. I like to see him smiling. He has that manis smile. Thank God he’s like a brother to me or else I might fall for his manis face. ;p

5. @zackzukhairi - zackzukhairi.blogspot.com 

source : Zack’s FB

Ok girls out there - any of you doesn’t know Zack Zukhairi? Seriously, your lost for not reading his blog and for now knowing there is a kacak blogger like him in the blogging world!

4. @ariffshah - ariffshah.com 

source : ariff’s FB

Cuba tengok gambar atas ni lama lama….. tenung betul betul… hmm… redup kan mata Ariff Shah? *cair 2 saat*

3. @hamiasraff – hamiasraff.blogspot.com

source : hami asraff’s FB 

Haish… ni lagi sorang… Next year when they open the Imam Muda show for registration, please lah! Please la incik Hami Asraff go register. he has that ‘Imam Muda’ look kan kan kan? I bet if your (the girls only) mother look at his picture, they’ll offer to propose to him on your behalf. Haha.

2. @zelo55 – zelo55.com


Zelo kacak ohh! Kalau ada adik pompuan, memang nak jodohkan ah ngan si Zelo nih. Lalalala~

p/s: Saje nak letak gambar berdua. Ada yang jeles tak agak-agak? :P

1. @zahiriladzim - zahiriladzim.blogspot.com


source : Zahiril’s FB


He has a blog. He’s a blogger. He is kacak. Enuff said.

*continue faints*

*ehem* ehem*


Ok. Speechless dengan kekacakan dan kecomelan beliau.  *faints again*

Oh, anyway….

Hmm… a few juries that helped me through selecting my choice of Top 10 Blogger Kacak suggested that I should put in this one particular blogger in the list. Not sure if he’s really kacak, but he always admit that he is. Hahaha!

-1 . @amanfirdaus – amanz.my

Apekah?? Hahaha!

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