25 Apr 2010

Postcard from Mummy

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I like postcards. To receive one, to send one and to collect. Thats d main reason i join the Postcrossing.com.

Few days ealier i received a postcard sent to my hostel, signed by my Mum. Which on the postcard written "OPTIMISM : People who attempt the difficult often attain the impossible". If i'm not mistaken, d last card i receive from Mum (beside birthday cards) was during my undergraduate years.

Mum,thank you so much. I need this now, during my hard days finishing my thesis writing. You're the best. Love you! =)

-your only daughter-

23 Apr 2010

USM Bloggers nights out

Finally setelah asyik nak keluar sama-sama tapi x pernah menjadi, kami (some of USM bloggers) berjaya mengumpulkan diri dan keluar bersama sebelum mereka-mereka yang di Tahun Akhir meninggalkan USM dan meneruskan kerjaya masing2. Terima kasih semua, lebih2 lagi orang2 yang x abes exam lagi. ;p

1st time jumpa semua (selain Hadi, Sally & Nik) was the night before yesterday (check live update from Hadi & Sally). Saje melepakkan diri di Bistro Mohamad, Nibong Tebal. Masa tu plan2 konon nak keluar lagi, tapi disebabkan ke-busy-an masing2 – ada yang x habis exam lagi, ada yang nak balik kampung halaman dah, ada yang nak pergi Terengganu for scuba test etc. – so we made the plan up utk keluar dinner yesterday.

Oh, FYI, Sally is a guy, okay. Haha.

So, there we were – Secret Recipe, Juru.

DSC06405My dinner; Prawn Macaroni & Cheese and Iced Caffe Latte ( Mac&cheese yg very cheesy! klau berat naik lagi jgn bising2 la ye.. T__T )

DSC06404Lily & Haaziq

Lepas dinner, they wanted to hangout somewhere since some of us still need foods (haisshh~ ;p), konon nye nak lepak Pelita for soups, tapi panas. Nak tempat aircond konon. isk. So tempat persinggahan seterusnya.. McDonald’s.

Kat McDonald’s bumped into another USM Bloggers, DeeDee. We finally met for the first time also. :D Kate je duduk sekampus tapi x pernah jumpe pun. Macam la USM Kampus Kejuruteraan ni besar sgt pun. :P

DSC06427Me, Sally, DeeDee & Hadi


DSC06438   DSC06441

Terima kasih korang2 sebab jadi jugak keluar. :D

DSC06459Lyana - kuropiii.wordpress.com

DSC06420 Sally @nikillas - nikillas.co.cc & ahmadsallikin.com/blog

(Sally..gambar kite gegar, marah Hadi tau tau)

DSC06452Hadi @maverickhornetyans.asasian.net

DSC06454Nik @d2zd2zack.blogspot.com

(i’m not THAT short tau bbanding nik. it was just that er.. i bend my kaki, and er.. sengetkan kepala.. err. yes. thats it. lalala~)

DSC06455Lily @lilyto - lilytolilo.blogspot.com 

DSC06457Haaziq  @bluecrystaldudehot-shit-form.blogspot.com

So, kepada adik2 tahun akhir, selamat menempuh alam kerjaya (well kakak korang ni jugak yg masih x bekerjaya huhu) and adik yang nak berlatihan industri tu pun, keje rajin2 jugak. :D

22 Apr 2010

Earth Day 2010 – 22nd April 2010


Hello everyone. Do you know that we’re celebrating Earth Day on 22nd April each year? It was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in held on April 22, 1970. And this year, 2010, we’re celebrating the 40th Earth Day.

Ask yourself. What have you done, to date, to save earth?

This is the least i do to help in saving the earth:-

  • I sell recycle paper, plastics and cans.
  • I reuse plastic bags from the supermarket, instead of buying trash bin plastics.
  • I bought environmental-friendly, reusable shopping bags from supermarkets (i.e. Tesco, Giants, The Store) and use it when i go there to buy groceries.
  • I bought my own Starbucks coffee tumbler, so the each time I buy coffee from Starbucks, I help saving the paper cups.
  • I read the journals from the laptop, instead of keep on printing and use a lot of papers.
  • I requested for online bills, instead of receiving 2 or 3 bills by mail each months – to reduce paper usage.
  • I have my own mineral water bottle, and bring drinking water to wherever i go, instead of buying mineral water each time I’m out.
  • I did support the Earth Hour 28.03.10 (was at my uncle’s place – and yes, we switched off all electrical appliance).
  • I do not litter. I throw rubbish in the bins.
  • I unplugged cables for electronic devices when not in use.
  • Last but not least, I spread the words!!

grass edn_0

“Forty years after the first Earth Day, the world is in greater peril than ever. While climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, it also presents the greatest opportunity – an unprecedented opportunity to build a healthy, prosperous, clean energy economy now and for the future.”



google ed Check out Google today!!



to show your support for the Earth Day, lets wear something in GREEN today!!!

peace & love.

19 Apr 2010

I finally met them at the #4sqdayKL

Yes. As a mayor of several places *ehem* (mostly in Penang tho) in Foursquare, I went to the Foursquare Day (4sqdayKL) last Friday (16/4/2010) at Starbucks Uptown. Thanks to girlfriend, Baiti and Ruban for the company :D

4sqdayA badge u don’t get often!! lalalala~


So at the 4sqdayKL, I finally met some of the Twitter pal in the Twitterland in person. Have nothing much to tell about the day. But, hey, come meet my virtual friends ;)

DSC06392 @tekong – the one who made me look like a fool on April Fool day, remember? –__-“

DSC06394@rararawr @bubbles182 @techsupremo @khairul @tekong @wfxyz

DSC06386 me, girlfren, @shamhardy @ruhanirabin

DSC06390 Frens from the Twitterland


I had fun at the 4sqdayKL event. And the next day, I’m all tied up at home for my arwah pakcik’s 100 days tahlil.

Oh, send Mr.Boifren to the workshop the other day for some touch-up, and now he’s back – handsome,macho,charming - without any (obvious) scars. Yayyy!! lalala~

14 Apr 2010

The Postcard Crossing Project

Postcards Exchange

Do you like to swap postcards from all over the world?
How do you feel to received mails from random country and random sender?
It’s been 83 days till today since i registered with the PostCrossing.com which i knew from random googling. I’ve sent 13 postcards and received 14 postcards, till date, to all around the world. So, what is PostCrossing?
The Project
“The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost free! The main idea is that: if you send a postcard, you will receive at least one back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world.
Why? Because, like the author, there are lots of people who like to receive real mail.
The element of surprise of receiving postcards from different places in the world (many of which you probably have never heard of) can turn your mailbox into a box of surprises - and who wouldn't like that?”

- PostCrossing.com

11 Apr 2010

Memancing buat kali pertama

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Duduk kat bilik sgt bosan,dgn cuaca yg sgt panas,so bila ada kawan offer nak ikut g memancing kat Ampang Jajar, Nibong Tebal, setuju je nak ikut. At least kat luar berangin sikit. Hehe
Ni first time ikut org memancing. Nak belajar tp x berani. Sbb kene pegang cacing. Haha

8 Apr 2010

Tell me about it, stud!

Someone asked me in formspring what is/are my all time favourite movies(s).


Yes, one of them is Grease, starring the beautiful Olivia Newton John and the charming John Travolta. I’ve always like this movie ever since I first watch it. I still have the VCR video tape at home and will watch it once in a while. But the songs & videos are always in my playlist.

So anyhow beside Hopeless Devoted To You sang by Sandy (Olivia Newton John) in that movie, I also like the song You’re The One That I Want, sang at the end of the movie.


So, years later, in 2003 there was a song by Ja Rule feat. Ashanti, titled Mesmerize that caught my ears. I like that song so much, at that time I was still studying in KMNS, Kuala Pilah.

For a few months after the song was out and became famous in radio stations, and became my favourite, I’ve never watch the music video, yeah thanks to no TV in hostel means no MTV or Chanel [V] and no internet (except going to the CC which was obviously not a good spot for me). And when I finally got to see the video, when I was home, I was surprised.



Tribute to my favourite You’re The One That I want.

Haha. Me likeyyy!

So, basically, i just want to share this with you, whoever out there who don’t know about Grease movie, and who don’t know about Mesmerize mv tribute to Grease. :P


Anyhow, if there is/are thing(s) you wanna know about me, don’t ask others. Ask me!! Here, fill in the form in FormSpring. :D (form is also available at the sidebar) Will try to answer you as honest as I can. :P


6 Apr 2010

Trip tahunan ke Melaka Bandaraya bersejarah

Masuk tahun ni, dah hampir setiap tahun pergi jalan-jalan ke Melaka bersama Bonda tersayang dan sape2 ahli2 lain yang ikut. But usually just a one day trip la. Melaka mmg banyak tempat menarik nak di lawati, so still berbaloi pergi banyak kali. Thing is, even pergi tiap-tiap tahun pun, ade jugak tempat2 yang x sempat nak singgah, sebab dah 2 kali pergi, masa Cuti Tahun Baru Cina, konfem la semua tempat pun penuh sesak yang x terkata. So kali ni sangat puas hati sebab berjaya pergi ke tempat2 yang selalu x dan nak singgah tu. Heee~ :D

So, the first place we went to was the Taman Mini Malaysia & Mini ASEAN. sebab tempat ini terletak di Ayer Keroh, so on the way keluar tol Ayer Keroh nak ke bandar tu, lalu sini dulu.



Persembahan kebudayaan yang biasa biasa sahaja. mungkin penari tidak bersemangat sebab bukan hari minggu yg ramai orang, atau mmg mereka begini sahaja.

Persembahan tarian zapin dan inang yang boleh dipertingkatkan lagi. Mungkin kalau orang luar negara, mereka rasa dah cukup traditional dah, but for me, the zapin just isn’t zapin enough. baik dari segi costume or choreography. And they should’ve tarian joget jugak kot. Joget is like one of the most famous traditional Malay dance, kan.

Hopefully hari-hari yang lebih ramai pelawat dan penonton, tarian mereka sebenarnya lebih menarik.

 2010_03_29_7626Kawasan luar Rumah Pahang



DSC06206Layan kan je la budak ni…

DSC062142010_03_29_7647  Orang Kuale Sepetang yang malas nak balik kampung selalu. huhu~

DSC06228Rumah Dusun, Sabah

DSC06241Duduk di tangga Rumah Melaka, orang tua-tua kata anak dara x baik duduk kat tangga ni ;p

DSC06262 2010_03_29_7658 

Kemudian, ke Menara Taming sari pula. yayyy! Akhirnya. selalu datang memang panjang berjela la orang beratur. dapat jugak akhirnya nak tengok pemandangan Bandaraya Bersejarah dari 110meter secara 360 darjah ke seluruh Bandar Hilir Melaka dan kawasan sekitar. XD


Tapi x patut betul..bila dah turun, nak tangkap gambar menara, observation deck tu x nak naik2 pulak… T__T so gambar menara tanpa deck pemerhati tu. x cantik! nak tunggu lama lagi, panas terik & nak pergi tempat lain pulak.


Aktiviti seterusnya ialah.. menaiki bot Melaka River Cruise. yayyy!

2010_03_29_76862010_03_29_7688 Tunggu bot.


So… di sepanjang perjalanan atas boat melalui Sungai Melaka……

DSC06309 Bondaku, Nurin kesayanganku & cik bubbles yg comel ;p

2010_03_29_7695 2010_03_29_77392010_03_29_7744  2010_03_29_7748


Sikit sikit gambar cukup. hehe~ waktu malam jalan ke Jonker Street sekejap, kasi chance si Nurin naik beca dulu… sebelum bergerak pulang ke Kuala Lumpur di hati ;)

2010_03_29_7769 2010_03_29_7774

Ok. Sekian terima kasih. Nanti kite g jalan2 lagi ye, Bonda ku tersayang (bodek nih) :P

2 Apr 2010

The day i made a fool of myself…

Seriously, I can’t believe i am THAT stupid. Sigh.

This is what happening on twitter on the very 1st of April…

@bubbles182 : @tekong alaaaa ok la.. lelaki x comel woo main bear besar2 :P dh la xjwb soklan org tanye master jugak ke. aishhh~

@tekong: @bubbles182 aah. Master in Human Instrumentality Project for the Better Nation 1Malaysia Boleh For The Win

@bubbles182 : @tekong erkk. tu betul2 ke main2. ok i cant differentiate. huhuu~

@tekong: @bubbles182 try google :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong dah google. Project tu wujud. buat the whole Master thingy xtau wujud ke x. blur~ huhuu

@tekong: @bubbles182 hahahah ada la tajuknye :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong gile coolness tajuk mcm tu. ttbe rase engineering isn't cool anymore. hahaha

@tekong: @bubbles182 ni betul2 percaya ke? I'm Bach of Creative Multimedia le. doing Master in apetah tatau lagi, tp tajuk dah ada :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong erk. benci gile kene tipu.i ni mudah percaya org kot. :( uwaaaaa~

@tekong :@bubbles182 suprised to know that u really think i'm saying it for real. even from the title, u can laugh when u hear ' better nation++ :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong i know it sounds unreal.tp ntah knape mcm nk percaya gak. damn! i need to start not 2 trust ppl easily. esp you. huhuu~

@tekong: @bubbles182 EPIC! nak percaya gak tu hahahah. I've been there before. bunyi mustahil tp nak percaya :p

@acaPAWN7 : @tekong Maybe @bubbles182 x perasan today 1st April kot, huhu.. Or mmg xde kene mengene lgsg ngan date 2? =p

@tekong: @acaPAWN7 ekceli takde kena mengena langsung. mmg selalu kenakan orang. kesian @bubbles182 jadi mangsa harini :p

@bubbles182: @acaPAWN7 i know its the 1st Apr, but i didnt think @tekong was really fooling w me. aishh~ not trusting anyone dah. enuff is enuff. -_-"



how can i fall for something that didn’t even meant to be an April fool prank. demmmmm. pandai betul la…


So anyways, Exabytes buat lagi gempak kot.

81276349(Taken from @shamhardy’s Twitpic)


Oh, those who have Gmail account, did you check your mail in yesterday and see this…?

goggle fool

do you realize… that the page is vowel-less? I thot it was one of Google prank. But…

“If you logged into Gmail over the last hour (or visited the Gmail homepage), you probably noticed that something looked a bit off: all the vowels are missing. We realize this makes things difficult for all of you who rely on Gmail — whether at home or at work — and we’re incredibly sorry. We take morphological issues like this extremely seriously, so we want to let you all know what happened and what we're doing about it”

-From gmailblog.blogspot.com


adehhh… macam macam……

09 10