2 Apr 2010

The day i made a fool of myself…

Seriously, I can’t believe i am THAT stupid. Sigh.

This is what happening on twitter on the very 1st of April…

@bubbles182 : @tekong alaaaa ok la.. lelaki x comel woo main bear besar2 :P dh la xjwb soklan org tanye master jugak ke. aishhh~

@tekong: @bubbles182 aah. Master in Human Instrumentality Project for the Better Nation 1Malaysia Boleh For The Win

@bubbles182 : @tekong erkk. tu betul2 ke main2. ok i cant differentiate. huhuu~

@tekong: @bubbles182 try google :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong dah google. Project tu wujud. buat the whole Master thingy xtau wujud ke x. blur~ huhuu

@tekong: @bubbles182 hahahah ada la tajuknye :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong gile coolness tajuk mcm tu. ttbe rase engineering isn't cool anymore. hahaha

@tekong: @bubbles182 ni betul2 percaya ke? I'm Bach of Creative Multimedia le. doing Master in apetah tatau lagi, tp tajuk dah ada :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong erk. benci gile kene tipu.i ni mudah percaya org kot. :( uwaaaaa~

@tekong :@bubbles182 suprised to know that u really think i'm saying it for real. even from the title, u can laugh when u hear ' better nation++ :p

@bubbles182 : @tekong i know it sounds unreal.tp ntah knape mcm nk percaya gak. damn! i need to start not 2 trust ppl easily. esp you. huhuu~

@tekong: @bubbles182 EPIC! nak percaya gak tu hahahah. I've been there before. bunyi mustahil tp nak percaya :p

@acaPAWN7 : @tekong Maybe @bubbles182 x perasan today 1st April kot, huhu.. Or mmg xde kene mengene lgsg ngan date 2? =p

@tekong: @acaPAWN7 ekceli takde kena mengena langsung. mmg selalu kenakan orang. kesian @bubbles182 jadi mangsa harini :p

@bubbles182: @acaPAWN7 i know its the 1st Apr, but i didnt think @tekong was really fooling w me. aishh~ not trusting anyone dah. enuff is enuff. -_-"



how can i fall for something that didn’t even meant to be an April fool prank. demmmmm. pandai betul la…


So anyways, Exabytes buat lagi gempak kot.

81276349(Taken from @shamhardy’s Twitpic)


Oh, those who have Gmail account, did you check your mail in yesterday and see this…?

goggle fool

do you realize… that the page is vowel-less? I thot it was one of Google prank. But…

“If you logged into Gmail over the last hour (or visited the Gmail homepage), you probably noticed that something looked a bit off: all the vowels are missing. We realize this makes things difficult for all of you who rely on Gmail — whether at home or at work — and we’re incredibly sorry. We take morphological issues like this extremely seriously, so we want to let you all know what happened and what we're doing about it”

-From gmailblog.blogspot.com


adehhh… macam macam……

6 ulasan:

  1. exabyte tu sgt kiut..hahaha...
    don't worry julia, u're not alone.. sy pn senang jek nk percayakan org..

    btw..congrats sbb dh upgrade to dot com =)

  2. don't stop, believin,..

    hold on to that feeelin!

    hehehe :p

  3. aik apsal jadi anonymous tu.. recomment

    don't stop, believin,..

    hold on to that feeelin!

    literally said = ( jgn berhenti percaya, percayalah LOL )

    hehehe :p

  4. exabytes punya hosting provider buat april fool? isk3...

    tahniah... satu perkembangan yang serius dalam dunia blogging... ngeee... :-)

  5. tiey,
    huu~kite ni sgt innocent kan3 :P
    aah.thankss! xD

    ikhwan nazri @ tekong,
    GLEE!!!!!! hahaha
    klau percaya nnt kene lagi -___-"

    tu la pasal..klau x silap twitpic pun buat jugak kot.
    tenkiuuu~! :D

  6. u bayangkan, i tengah pening-pening kepala and decide nak amik no. phone dalam exabytes, and then tetiba i dapat error 401?!?!?!

    i macam "arggggggg!! sial!!!!"

    skali baca btol22.. cet! aprl fool rupanya. terkono den.. :(( *sob *sob


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