19 Apr 2010

I finally met them at the #4sqdayKL

Yes. As a mayor of several places *ehem* (mostly in Penang tho) in Foursquare, I went to the Foursquare Day (4sqdayKL) last Friday (16/4/2010) at Starbucks Uptown. Thanks to girlfriend, Baiti and Ruban for the company :D

4sqdayA badge u don’t get often!! lalalala~


So at the 4sqdayKL, I finally met some of the Twitter pal in the Twitterland in person. Have nothing much to tell about the day. But, hey, come meet my virtual friends ;)

DSC06392 @tekong – the one who made me look like a fool on April Fool day, remember? –__-“

DSC06394@rararawr @bubbles182 @techsupremo @khairul @tekong @wfxyz

DSC06386 me, girlfren, @shamhardy @ruhanirabin

DSC06390 Frens from the Twitterland


I had fun at the 4sqdayKL event. And the next day, I’m all tied up at home for my arwah pakcik’s 100 days tahlil.

Oh, send Mr.Boifren to the workshop the other day for some touch-up, and now he’s back – handsome,macho,charming - without any (obvious) scars. Yayyy!! lalala~

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