14 Apr 2010

The Postcard Crossing Project

Postcards Exchange

Do you like to swap postcards from all over the world?
How do you feel to received mails from random country and random sender?
It’s been 83 days till today since i registered with the PostCrossing.com which i knew from random googling. I’ve sent 13 postcards and received 14 postcards, till date, to all around the world. So, what is PostCrossing?
The Project
“The goal of this project is to allow people to receive postcards from all over the world, for free. Well, almost free! The main idea is that: if you send a postcard, you will receive at least one back from a random Postcrosser from somewhere in the world.
Why? Because, like the author, there are lots of people who like to receive real mail.
The element of surprise of receiving postcards from different places in the world (many of which you probably have never heard of) can turn your mailbox into a box of surprises - and who wouldn't like that?”

- PostCrossing.com
From the web, I can also see the postcard map and stats of which country have I sent postcard to and received from since I join the PostCrossing about 3 months ago.
mapSent and received postcard

chartPostcards by country distribution

And here, I just want to share with you some of the postcards I received through PostCrossing.

001 (2)
002 (2)a
“Nice greetings from Austria. The cards shows you the main square of Linz. Happy Postcrossing.”
-Bernhard, Austria

Isn’t the view nice? It’s a painting.

001 (3)

002 (3)a

“Hello,Julia! Greetings from Beijing, the capital of China! Here’s a postcard of the Hutong in Beijing. In fact, Hutong is the narrow road in this city.”
-Zhang Yuyu, China

I like the picture in the postcard, that show the people of the China.

006 (3)

007 (3)a

“Greeting from SSEOUL! You name in Korean is Julia –> 줄리아 . The picture is a mailbox in Korea, Actual mailbox that i mailed this postcard. Isn’t it fun?”
-Arnie Kim, Korea-

005 (2)
006 (2)a

“Hi Julia. I’m very happy to send a card to Malaysia. Two years ago I’ve been to Kuala Lumpur and Penang. I really like the people of Malaysia. So friendly! And of course I liked the beauty of your country! Hope that you like this card from Holland!”
-Sally, Netherlands-

I’m happy to received a postcard from someone who actually has been to a state where I was born & live in and the state which I’m currently studying in. :))

See more here!!

So, if you feel like sending and receiving postcards randomly, come join me PostCrossing! :D

“send a postcard and receive a postcard back from a random person somewhere in the world!”

13 ulasan:

  1. ehem..ehem..
    kenal Sally dr Netherlands ni..
    tak silap,2 tahun dulu,die penah tya nak g bukit bendera masa die dtg penang..

  2. This is very interesting. Tak dapat pegi negeri org, dapat tgk postcards pun jadi la kan. Hehe!

    But seriously, this can be my new hobby. Sending postcards for fun and may be if I'm lucky enough ada org sponsor pegi Korea ke Japan ke. Haha! Berangan lebih pulak.

  3. these days the internet provides u almost everything.

    u can talk/ see your friends which are far far away (webcam or online talk service or whatever), greet your friends even tho in the form of writing; but with the power of speech - as if he or she are in front of u! , and receive cards i.e hari raya cards, happy birthdays, etc etc.

    happy, sure u will. excited, of course. but unfortunately as the sun sets down, u suddenly are left with nothing.

    the good reason of that is u are not actually speaking to any of your friends, see the faces and laugh with them. as the computer shuts, they are all gone. and u are back to what u were before. empty.

    u will start to wishing they are here. really here.

    the value, sentimental value of real greeting cards, postcards, talking with your friends in real time will always beat the realism of their online counterparts. i mean those that arrived at your postal box, delivered by the good and smile always abang posmen. or those good buddies at mamak stall over teh tarik sessions.

    to be honest, i have always wait for the moment julia and the others ask me going out. bowling or movie or just hanging out. because i feel julia more than i YM-ed her or looking at them in the facebook pictures. i cant experience the nature of julia's 'fast talk-talk' through her written YM. it just does not right.

    i would trade my all facebook account, YM, everything for the moment i am in real time with her ;D even tho shes doing all the talking! ;p

    the same goes about this postcard crossing project. sure she will be excited to be receiving this and that from him or her of which she does not know. knowing and meeting people always exciting. u got to know many types of people and places.

    but nothing will beat the real postcard delivered to her post box. even it is from person that she know.

    ps - adibah noor has the most beautiful voice. and fantastic melody as well. shame that shes been overlooked.

  4. mokhzaini,

    mungkin hg kaki jalan2 + hang-out, bila takdak aktiviti mcm tu membuatkan hg rasa sunyi. aku rasa sudah sampai masa hg kawen =)

    aku dulu pon time sek men ada pen pal. best la sgt sbb dpt surat dgn stamp dr overseas. berlagak dgn adik2. as time goes by, dgn busy sbg seorg pelajar, I lose touch with my pen pal.

    pastu bila masuk U, kwn2 dh ramai, duduk hostel pulak tu, mmg hang-out jer keja. pen pal semua tu dianggap benda remeh, banyak keja lain buleh buat spt tgk wayang, main bowling, window shopping, picnic etc.

    pastu bila buat master, kwn2 pon tak seramai time degree, aktiviti pon berkurangan ditambah dgn duduk dgn family plus I'm a home girl. Keluar tu ada juga, tp takde la selalu2. Pastu ada tanggungjwb sbg kakak kena tgk2 adik study, kalo keluar terigt apa la adik aku buat kt umah sorg2, study ke tidak.

    So, sebagai memenuhi masa lapang aku, aku pon join la postcrossing ni. dpt la menunjuk2 kt adik, kita ni connecting with overseas people. then ajak adik join skali sbb ni jgk salah 1 cara nak improve BI.

    Aku rasa postcrossing ni mmg bagus, kot2 nnt nak melancong ke overseas buleh mntk advice watsoever. Plus bila kita dh tua2, ada la benda nak tunjuk/cerita kt cucu2. Postcrossing ni sebagai penambah aktiviti aku yg sedia ada.

    Just my 2 cents.. =)

  5. hahahah, kay.

    it is true. but u r missing the point.

    cam dalam iklan cakap - 5 saat sentuhan melebih 5 menet kata-kata.

    keh keh keh.

    bukan nak expect julia sentuh aku, tapi its the moment yg kite spend with someone in real life, lebih bernilai dari we talk through YM or facebook.

    2 menet i gelak2 dengan u, kay (masa i go upstairs) tell me more about u, then tengok2 gambar kay kat facebook tau.

  6. hahaha..
    dgr tu momo..
    seru dah sampai nak kawen..

  7. I'm not missing the point.

    My point is "5 saat sentuhan" tidak dpt dilakukan selalu sbb kekangan masa, ada tanggungjawab lain dan lain2 lg alasan. HAHAHA...

    Byk keja hg tgk gmbq2 org kt fb. Farhah pon suka tgk2 gambaq kt fb. Aku tak suka sgt kelebek2 gmbq org (tp gmbq2 hg kt fb, ada la jgk aku klebek2 :P)

  8. wow. this is very interesting. i'm gonna give it a try!

  9. ein,
    ape yg xpaham. sign up je. nnt mesti paham :)

    incik @lias mengade,
    jangan nak perasan boleh x? :P

    tu laa. i wish to travel around the world jugak, but well..belum rezeki lg kot. this is indeed a good hobby kan? :))

  10. momo,
    hey..we went for bowling, and New Moon, and so dinners bile keluar kan? u said it like i (or us) never invited u.. :(( oh, u like to hear me talking much? im flattered. :P
    the cards were actually sent and received by the mail. so i do feel the surprises and enjoy reading it. :)

    yayy jom join. mmg best tau..
    p/s: we better spend more time with momo. :P

    why in d world 'imperfection'? isk.
    btw, yes. very ineteresting and i was very excited to received my first card. :D go. give it a try.

  11. juls,

    eh takdak la like that! u neh~

    keh keh keh

    u guys been very good to me on this going out thingy. appreciate it so much.

  12. salam...hi...
    saya baru berjinak2 nak collect poskad. sebab terkenan hobby ayah saya yang suka kumpul setem & first day cover.. br dpt 3 negara. itu pun paksa kawan2 bagi.. tak sangka plak ada group macam poscrossing ni.. saya dah join ..yeah..tak sabar nak kumpul poskad dgn jayanya..!!


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