Mar 7, 2019

I'm a dōTERRA wellness advocate!

A few friends approached me, inviting me to try essential oils (EO) as they thought I'm not using any. Maybe because I've never shared publicly that I actually use EO. I've been using dōTERRA oils for more than 2 years now. Thanks to Eqin for introducing me to dōTERRA.

I'm not against medicine, I still go to clinic when needed. But with EO, it helps reducing minor pain like headache, stomach ache and minor cuts using natural oils. And diffusing makes the room smells good too!

I am not sure why I've never shared about me using essential oils, but since I'm joining the 30-day photo challenge on Instagram, and will be taking A LOT of photo, so yeah, might as well use it for the blog. Hahaha!

Mar 5, 2019

Terlioq Pasta Sandwiches, Kompleks Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, Penang

Terlioq Pasta Sandwich is located at Kompleks Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, just a few stalls away from Nazeerra's Kacang Pool Penang. Well, as other stalls there, the Terlioq Pasta Sandwiches stall is also small and if you see, you might find it biasa-biasa je. And you may also just pass by without wanting to give it a try. But wait till you see the menu, they serve bukan biasa-biasa okay.

Terlioq Pasta Sandwich serves variety of pasta and sandwich, of cos. Owned and cooked by a Muslim, so, halal pasta oh yeah!

Actually, a family member recommended us to try this stall and she said it's their family's favourite whevever in town.

Terlioq Pasta Sandwich Kompleks Desiran Tanjung, Tanjung Tokong, Penang
The one man show by Chef Zam.

Mar 1, 2019

Fun and educational games by Happy Go KL

Everyday, we will try to find time to spend with the kids before they go to sleep, not matter how late Daddy comes back from work. Sometimes we play train and tracks, sometime we play with blocks.

And of course, one of Balqis' favorite is playing this Lizards and Ladders board game by Happy Go KL - All About Kuala Lumpur for Families. I like that the game comes with beautiful theme of Malaysian rainforest.

happy go KL board games lizards and ladders

Feb 28, 2019

The Table Penang, Lebuh Carnavon, Georgetown

I've been stalking The Table Penang Facebook and Instagram for quite some times and been asking husband to bring me there. But since it is located at Lebuh Carnavon, which is really in the middle of the town with very limited car park area, and only open at night, we have never had a chance to pay a visit.

The Table Penang which is located at 27, Lebuh Carnavon, is a small cafe just before the junction. Is is in a walking distance from Masjid Kapitan Keling. The cafe is one of the few halal cafes serving western food and coffee in Georgetown.

So anyway, a few months back, we finally got to go to The Table Penang yayy! And yes, we have to make few rounds to find a place to park the car and finally got to park near the diner, after I almost give up and tell husband to just go home if we could not find a car park lol.

the table penang, georgetown halal cafe, western food, burger, pasta and coffee

Feb 27, 2019

Post Analisis TV Al-Hijrah Isu Doula: Prof Imelda vs Doula Hayati

Isu debat doula tak habis-habis lalu lagi kat timeline Facebook sampai hari ni.

Biasalah, masing-masing mesti backup pilihan masing-masing. Tak kira mana betul mana salah.

Team Prof Imelda: Bagus Prof. Kak Yatt tu kaki putar etc. Prof Imelda the best.

Team Doula: TV tak adil, patut pilih doula yg tak kontrovesi. Ada doula lain lebih layak mewakili doula-doula di Malaysia ni.

Here's what I think. (Saja nak jump onthe bandwagon comment pasal ni juga hehe)

Feb 21, 2019

Penang Digital Library Phase 1 and Phase 2, Jalan Masjid Negeri, Georgetown

Penang Digital Library is located at No. 135 Jalan Masjid Negeri, George Town, Penang, on the grounds of Penang Free School. The Penang Digital Library is a project supported by the Penang State Government. It was made possible through the collaboration from various companies including Keysight Technologies, Eastern & Oriental Group (E&O) and TIME dotCom.

The Phase 1 building was lauched back in October 2016. Penang Digital Library Phase 1 opens 24 hours daily. 

However, it could hardly accommodate 80 people and was always crowded. That was why former chief minister Lim Guan Eng came up with the idea for Phase 2, which has seating for more than 500 people.

Jan 29, 2019

Really tall and long shelf at BookXcess in Gurney Paragon, Penang

So, have you heard about the newly opened book store with a really tall and long shelf?

It's the well know parent of the great Big Bad Wolf book sales, the BookXcess Bookstore now opened in Gurney Paragon mall, Penang!

Located at Level 7 and 8 of Gurney Paragon Mall, this is their 8th outlet and the first store out of the central region! The book store covers over 26 000 sq ft with countless numbers of shelves.

It is also an insta-worthy bookstore, trust me. Too bad I was too occupied with the kids that I did not get the chance to get myself captured for insta purpose lol.

bookxcess gurney paragon mall penang book xcess bookstore