31 Okt 2011

Portable charger - the birthday present from IMU

I was away to Penang exactly the day after my birthday, when I got an email from my Manager.

"Need you to tell me what you want for your b'day. Each staff dapat budget RM150. This way you get something you want rather benda you tak minat."

I then remember that she once told me that all staff are eligable for a RM150 worth present for their birthday from IMU. I told my manager to get me a portable charger or anything she think might be practical for me i.e for travelling purpose. But later she told to just get anything by myself, then claim. Yeah.. she being herself memang lambat la kalau nak pergi beli. (hehe sorry bos :p )

So yeahh I got myself a portable battery charger, the Energizer XP2001 :D

27 Okt 2011

Meeting the Buttercup and Blossom juniors

Besides went for food hunting in Penang last weekend, I also went to Kulim to visit my lovely, very own Buttercup and Blossom - Zydah and Nurul and their princess. Zydah and Nurul had been a very close friend to me since my first year in USM, back in 2004.

Zydah, Nurul & me. 2005.

26 Okt 2011

Yang dirindui di Penang

Last weekend I was requested by my supervisor to come and see him due to my unfinished thesis problem. As much as I was worried to go and think about my thesis, I looked forward to come to Penang for some reasons too. One of them was for its food. Yes, I am so much in love with Penang food and I've missed some of them since my very short trip to Penang like 3 months ago. So I decided to full fill my crave for Penang food and I made sure to check in Foursquare and counted the 'Yang dirindui di Penang #'. :P

Cheese Naan + Tandoori Set (Kapitan)

17 Okt 2011

Bubbles' new patchwork sling bag

When I go travel, I always need another bag  beside the backpack to bring my stuff (camera, purse, handphones, tissues etc) here and there. I don't prefer ladies handbag because it won't look nice with my shoes. I normally wear sneakers or just sandals, with exception to flats once in a while. And I prefer sling bag than a tote. I just feel more comfortable and secure as and when I need to move fast.

The border of Wang Kelian (Perlis) and Satun (Thailand)

14 Okt 2011

Syawal's Jejak Tanah ceremony

Last week, cousin Angah invited me to attend her son, Syawal's Jejak Tanah ceremony. Angah has the Rawa (Rao) bloodline on his father's side. Syawal is my third nephew who did this jejak tanah thing according to the Rawa tradition after cousin Along's sons, Harris and Hadief.

And no, I don't have the Rawa blood in me. I just have the interest in people tradition and culture. Another ceremony that I wish to attend and watch is the Lenggang Perut. You know... the ceremony for the 7-months pregnant mother-to-be, er.. well I don't really know what they do. But I do mean Lenggang Perut, ok. Not that oh-so-modern baby shower thing. So if you or any of your family/friend is having your/her Lenggang Perut, please invite me ok. *buat muka tak malu sikit*

Anyway, you can read about the detail flow of the Jejak Tanah ceremony on my previous post I wrote for Hadief's jejak tanah (click here). Yes, I'm that lazy to write everything up again. Huhu.

Enjoy the simple video here, follows by the not-so-many pictures took during the ceremony.

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