31 Okt 2011

Portable charger - the birthday present from IMU

I was away to Penang exactly the day after my birthday, when I got an email from my Manager.

"Need you to tell me what you want for your b'day. Each staff dapat budget RM150. This way you get something you want rather benda you tak minat."

I then remember that she once told me that all staff are eligable for a RM150 worth present for their birthday from IMU. I told my manager to get me a portable charger or anything she think might be practical for me i.e for travelling purpose. But later she told to just get anything by myself, then claim. Yeah.. she being herself memang lambat la kalau nak pergi beli. (hehe sorry bos :p )

So yeahh I got myself a portable battery charger, the Energizer XP2001 :D

I've always wanted to buy a portable charger due to some certain reason. My smart phone battery tend to drained so fast (but not so much since updated to Symbian Anna, bravo!). And I kinda need this portable charger when I'm out for the whole day, better still for my travelling purpose. I'm known as a person who go out from the hotel after breakfast and come back after dinner during travelling.

I might not be able to fully charge my phone or camera or mp3 player, but at least it would be very useful during the time of emergency when my things are totally out of battery.

The package - with multipurpose tips

Anyway, if certain phone charger tips is not included in the package, no worries. Nowadays, most phone comes with the USB cable, right? It can be used too to charge the phone using this power pack.

This is how it should be charge - via the USB port on the PC or laptop.

But for travelling purpose when no PC or laptop is available, this can also be the solution:

Yeah, that's my iPad charger.

But the USB port charger (I dont know what's the geeky name for it) is also available in most IT store.

I am happy with my the present-for-myself-but-paid-by-IMU. Rezeki nak dapat hadiah walaupun baru berapa bulan je kat situ. Hehehe.

On the other hand, the Yuha girls got me a 500GB Adata external HDD. And it's blue in colour. I love it!

Too much geeky stuff for my 26th birthday eh? :p

Girlfriend, B got me a really nice dress from The Pop Look. But no picture of me wearing it yet. Will post the picture of the dress once I go on a date with her wearing that dress! Hehe.

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