17 Okt 2011

Bubbles' new patchwork sling bag

When I go travel, I always need another bag  beside the backpack to bring my stuff (camera, purse, handphones, tissues etc) here and there. I don't prefer ladies handbag because it won't look nice with my shoes. I normally wear sneakers or just sandals, with exception to flats once in a while. And I prefer sling bag than a tote. I just feel more comfortable and secure as and when I need to move fast.

The border of Wang Kelian (Perlis) and Satun (Thailand)

In memory, Tanjung Pagar Railway Station, Singapore

Since mum won't allow me to buy another new bag (yes, I'm turning 26 and still ask mum's opnion and sometimes permission to buy thing -__-" ), I've decided to apply my *ehem ehem* skill to make patchwork stuff to make a new sling bag for myself. So there was how my day went last Sunday. And well..... here we go.....

Altogether now.... WAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :p

Ok please don't compare my handmade patchwork sling bag with the one sold in internet or at the shops in the malls. They've been doing it for yearsss kot. And this is only my third patchwork item. Well at least mum said it's cantik (after I harassed her to say so ppffftt!)

The bag in detail....

Laying flat

The inside pocket

My sling bag, iPad pouch and small stationery bag.

I am a happy happy girl!!! :D

By the way, cik bajet model yang tukang peraga beg kat atas tu later ask me tu make her a handphone pouch. So, using the balance of the stitched patchwork material, I made her one. And a cute small coin purse for my aunt. Hehe.

I think I'm starting to love sewing and making patchworks.
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