26 Okt 2011

Yang dirindui di Penang

Last weekend I was requested by my supervisor to come and see him due to my unfinished thesis problem. As much as I was worried to go and think about my thesis, I looked forward to come to Penang for some reasons too. One of them was for its food. Yes, I am so much in love with Penang food and I've missed some of them since my very short trip to Penang like 3 months ago. So I decided to full fill my crave for Penang food and I made sure to check in Foursquare and counted the 'Yang dirindui di Penang #'. :P

Cheese Naan + Tandoori Set (Kapitan)

First night in Penang, went to Kapitan Perda to hang out with some friends. I was actually craving for the Mutton Briyani, sadly not my luck the mutton was already finished that night *cries* Second choice was the cheese naan set with chicken tandoori.

Nasi + Daging + Telur Dadar + Bendi + Kuah Campur (Nasi Kandar Line Clear)

Second day started late due to tired of driving the day before and went back after hang out at Kapitan quite late. Skipped breakfast and started the food hunting with luch at Nasi Kandar Line Clear. This is always my favourite combination of nasi kandar dishes there. I just love the beef so much. I wish I know how to cook that. Somebody go steal me their secret recipe pls?

Ais Tingkap / Sherbat (Ais Tingkap Taufiq)

After the marvellous nasi kandar lunch, walked around Penang Road and went to Chow Rasta. Later straight away headed to the Ais Tingkap stall to have this drink. Very refreshing to have it during the very hot weather.

Pasembor + Coconut Shake (Medan Selera Padang Kota)

The pasembor mix of paru, cucur, telur rebus, fish cakes and the gravy also made my day. I wish my stomach could be a bit emptier so that I grab Sotong Kangkung as well.. but I honestly couldn't make it. Haishhh now I miss sotong kangkung alreadyy :(

Sup Kambing + Roti Benggali (Sup Hamid)

One of the many reasons why whenever mum came to visit me, we always choose a hotel in Penang Road to stay. THIS. The super delicious and the famous soup in town yawww! I just can't resist the sup kambing.

Serabai (Astaka Taman Tun Sardon)

Started my next day with breakfast at Astaka Taman Tun Sardon. I have always been looking forward to have serabai for breakfast when I'm in Penang since I was introduced to the local Penang breakfast by my grandmother years ago. I've tried serabai that I bought else where, but honestly nothing can beat the serabai here. And I had a nice cappati too for breakfast.

That was the end of my 'Yang dirindui di Penang' food hunting mission. Got to go back to Seberang Prai to find some thing and to Kulim later to see some friends.

Oh. If you see me after this, DO NOT ever ask why I look even fatter than last week.


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