14 Okt 2011

Syawal's Jejak Tanah ceremony

Last week, cousin Angah invited me to attend her son, Syawal's Jejak Tanah ceremony. Angah has the Rawa (Rao) bloodline on his father's side. Syawal is my third nephew who did this jejak tanah thing according to the Rawa tradition after cousin Along's sons, Harris and Hadief.

And no, I don't have the Rawa blood in me. I just have the interest in people tradition and culture. Another ceremony that I wish to attend and watch is the Lenggang Perut. You know... the ceremony for the 7-months pregnant mother-to-be, er.. well I don't really know what they do. But I do mean Lenggang Perut, ok. Not that oh-so-modern baby shower thing. So if you or any of your family/friend is having your/her Lenggang Perut, please invite me ok. *buat muka tak malu sikit*

Anyway, you can read about the detail flow of the Jejak Tanah ceremony on my previous post I wrote for Hadief's jejak tanah (click here). Yes, I'm that lazy to write everything up again. Huhu.

Enjoy the simple video here, follows by the not-so-many pictures took during the ceremony.

Mama posing before the ceremony start

Awwww Syawal buat muka kesian.

He must be very uncomfortable... Sian Syawal...

 But now, sitting on his father's lap with food in hand he looks very comfortable kan? Isk isk.

 One happy family at home! 

Harris Zikri

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