27 Okt 2011

Meeting the Buttercup and Blossom juniors

Besides went for food hunting in Penang last weekend, I also went to Kulim to visit my lovely, very own Buttercup and Blossom - Zydah and Nurul and their princess. Zydah and Nurul had been a very close friend to me since my first year in USM, back in 2004.

Zydah, Nurul & me. 2005.

Nurul was one of the earliest person I knew during the orientation week since we were both in the same course and same hostel building. She was very kind to me, brought me around the campus and helped me with my late registration as I was away to umrah during the orientation/registration week. Yes, I skipped campus and hostel orientation weeks. By the time I was back in campus it was already the third week and classes had already started. She is the reason why I always back-up Kelantanese when people say they are racist. Nurul certainly is not. She knew I was a KLite all the way from the start but she still helped me with everything tho.

Zydah, on the other hand was a Material Engineering student. Different course but in the same school. The similarity between us was that she also came late (skipped few days of orientation) as she was away for her umrah as well. I knew her through Nurul, of course. The three of us were always together, tho Zyd somehow became a bit far from us by day, because our schedules did not really sync.

Zydah, Nurul and Ikhwan. Megamall.

Weeks and months and years passed by. We had issues - this and that. Things happened and I blame myself that I got drew away from them especially Nurul. If I could turn back time, I wanted to make things better again. I would make sure we wouldn't get into the fight on my 21st birthday. :(

I'm glad that we managed to make up and the friendship we built was back like how it started again before we end our undergraduate year, before we all graduated in 2008. I'm glad I have them with me through my ups and downs while I was away from my home.

Genting Highland, with Penick. 2008

Oh, that is just the introduction. My actual post is supposed to be about me meeting their daughters. I just got carried away telling stories... Yeahh... that's me...

So anyways, both of them are happily married, with kid and both are staying in Kulim now. So during my visit to campus last weekend, I managed to see my lovely girls in Kulim. I wanted to see Nurul's daughter. I've met Zyd's daughter when I came for viva in June. We gather at Nurul's house. Thanks, Uyu and sorry awak lambat pegi keje. Hehe.


Wan Nur Aisyah
24 May 2011

Nur Ain Adlina
24 July 2011

My very own Buttercup and Blossom with their daughters

Happy for them :')

P/s: No question starts with 'when' is allowed in the comments box. Kthxbye. -___-"

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