30 Mac 2008

Final Draft... Finally Submited!

AAaaahhhhh.....~ feel so great & relieve!
after few months struggling with FYP and report, finally the Final Draft has been submitted on the 28th Mac 2008 (Friday) at about 11++ am.

Sciencedirect and Springerlink had been in my top 5 webs visited for the last 3 months besides Google, The Free Library and Friendster. i read at least 2 new journals in a week. lots of topic to cover. lots of things to understand. I've also downloaded 5 complete and several incomplete eBooks. of all the notes ive read, there was one that i liiikkeee so much. make me easy to remember and understand. kalau la semua nota sepanjang zaman belajar ni menarik macam ni, mesti best kan. easier for us to understand. and help me to get attracted to the notes also.

my room was a mess. i couldnt even sleep well on my bed. terpaksa berkongsi kasih katilku dengan buku-buku dan kertas-kertas.

so pity my baby lappy yang demam2 kepanasan.. it get only few hours of rest each day. urmm..btw, the hours of working werent all for the FYP pun.. few hours were spent on Chuck, Gilmore Girls, Awake & some more. =D

"The Effects of Hybrid Fillers on Mechanical Properties of SMR L and SBR Compounds" finally done!

Another most important thing that help me through this FYP thing.

HP 3-in-1 printing my Final Draft.

now i just need to concerntrate on final exam and FYP viva.
Got 2 papers for the final. 2 days in a row. 7th and 8th of April.
Wish me luck everyone~

18 Mac 2008

Akademi Fantasia 6

Selepas berlabuhnya Tirai Akademi Fantasia 6 pada hari ahad yang lepas, maka diketahui lah sudah pelajar-pelajar AF6. secara first impression-nya, aku x ada pulak berkenan dengan sesiapa lagi sepertimana aku berkenan dengan Adam selepas melihatnya buat pertama kali semasa kejutan untuknya dibuat di Astro KK. masa tirai tu pun, x ada suara sesiapa lagi yang nampak sangat outstanding. x pasti la samada sound system yang x bagus atau diorang yang cover-cover lagi, nak buat surprise pada konsert pertama barangkali. siapa tau,kan.

Mampukah AF6 mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan AF 1,2 dan 3 yang kian tenggelam semasa musim ke 4 dan 5. walaupun masih ramai yang menonton, tapi kehangatan yang dialami jelas tak sama.

Kehadiran Saida, 32 dari Pahang yang merupakan kakak kepada Datuk Siti Nurhaliza dan 'nenek' Rina, 44 dari Selangor dikatakan adalah langkah untuk menarik penonton menyaksikan konsert mingguan AF6. sedap ke suara mereka? urm.... tunggu dan lihat.

Galeri pelajar AF6 di astro.com.my/akademi_fantasia

11 Mac 2008

Kami di Feringi

on our way to feringi

she was craving for laksa the whole day. dapat pun akhirnya..

batu feringi yang cantik

riangnya kanak-kanak bermain...

OK. tujuan kami pada hari tersebut bukanlah untuk ke Feringi. Agenda asal ialah ke Ekspo Pendidikan & Kerjaya di Kampus Induk USM. tapi..nak buat camner. kami mmg x reti balik terus. huhu....

7 Mac 2008

For you...

Hopelessly Devoted To You

Guess mine is not the first heart broken
My eyes are not the first to cry
I'm not the first to know
There's just no getting over you
You know, I'm just a fool who's willing
To sit around and wait for you
But baby can't you see
There's nothing else for me to do
I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's nowhere to hide
Since you pushed my love aside
I'm out of my head
Hopelessly devoted to you
Hopelessly devoted to you
Hopelessly devoted to you

My head is saying "Fool, forget him"
My heart is saying "Don't let go"
Hold on 'till the end
That's what I intend to do
I'm hopelessly devoted to you

But now there's nowhere to hide
Since you pushed my love aside
I'm out of my head
I'm hopelessly devoted to you
I'm hopelessly devoted to you
I'm hopelessly devoted to you

-Olivia Newton John-

4 Mac 2008

gOod + Bad

+gOod thing goin On+
alhamdulillah... no need to go to the laB. keje2 di lab dah siap. just need to finish writing the thesis. chapter 1,2 & 3 submitted last week dah dipulangkan. Gosh! byk sgt pembetulan perlu dilakukan. will take times to repair it. InsyaAllah will come out with the better report. huhu... last week was such a great week. hanging out with friends, and all.. make my life cheerer. hehhh~
anytHing else good? yeah.... the sushi can still be taste on my tongue. u know, eating great food with great people make it taste greater. dont u think so? i think u should just agree with me. hUhuuu...
Pilihan Raya Umum is getting nearer. posters n banners are everywhere.. mereka panggil Perang Poster. yeah. the campus-mates also are on war. Perang Status di YM. just hoping they will not get caught, since students are not allowed to involve ourself in this politic things. to everyone, mengundilah dengan bijak. gunakan akal & fikiran yang telah dikurniakan buat hamba Allah yang bernama manusia. ceh ceh... pandai je la ckp.
Along,Angah,Effa,Abg Zuraidi & Harris came on weekend. they were visiting a family member in Kulim but spent a night in Parit Buntar. went to Kulim with them as well. Baby Harris sudah pandai gelak2 dengan byknya. so comel..... bought a pair of shirt+short for him the day they came. tp die x pakai lagi.

+some Things are not so well+
does thing call UNDERSTANDING hard to get? we've done lotsa things together. misunderstanding should not and supposely could not ever come in between. but why does it come? after all this while. please, please be more understanding. lots and lots of work to be done and the problem come right now. right now?? damn! i need my own space maybe on the moon. and need time to cure!

1 Mac 2008


this week is a Heart-Broken Week. not for me. for someone i know. when one of us having such a hard time, we usually spend the time together doing activities such as dinner, bowling or just hanging out.

as for last night, Ikhwan asked us if we were free n wanna go out. The Friend-in-Trouble and I insisted that we should go. while the other said she didn't want to follow (though she made it at last! jahat je tipu2 org), and i suggested that we should go for Sushi since they promised to go to SushiKing with me at least once. then, later the 5 of us were heading to Juru. we missed another one. and I miss to say it's "6 of us".

Welcome to Sushi King~

i ordered, like always, Salmon Steak Set. Nurul just had her dinner during fast-breaking and so did penick. so they didnt order anything. we ordered a Chicken set for Zydah since she cant really eat sushi, or anything raw. Ikh also had some other Chicken set for the nite. both chicken set also were fine. ikh's better, i think. Nurul and Zyd had some difficulties in eating sushi, the miso soup n they don't drink green tea. but still, to both of them. Arigato, for willing to come along n have a sushi-dinner with me.

My Yummyyy Salmon Steak


It happened to be that Ikhwan's friend from high school is doing practical at the Sushi King, and we were served by 4 sushi in a plate instead of the normal 2. lucky us, huh! and she suggested this and that, and told us what's better than what. i should come back there within this 20 days left of her practical days to get more free sushi. hehehe...

zydah, nurul, julia

i spelled this K.A.M.I. =D

and last night... another History was created! Sshhhhh.......
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