Dec 5, 2018

Balqis' first day of school orientation

Indeed, time do flies so fast.

I still can imagine when I first hold Balqis in my hand four years ago, and now she's going to school already. She's going to a five years-old class in 2019 but school orientation started last Monday, together with school holiday programme for her kindergarten.

We had been telling her that she would be going to school since months ago to get help her subconscious mind being prepared, or at least we hope so.

"Nanti Mummy belikan Balqis books, pencils, bag nak pergi sekolah."
"Kakak tak nak beg. Kakak dah ada beg dah yang Mummy beli tu."

Referring to a RM5 bag I got from Big Bad Wolf book sales. Ain't she just soooo sweet and tak membazir like Mummy? Hahaha!

Honestly, I was worried that she might be crying, or refuse to stay at school. Even though we've been telling her that we would leave her at school and we would be going to work, she kept on saying "Mummy lah jaga kakak kat school nanti."

She has never been without us since she was born. The only person we ever leave her with is her babysitter. She even cry one time when we were out having dinner with the whole family at a restaurant and taking turn to go to surau to perform solat. She was following her grandmother and aunties to the surau and halfway she suddenly realized husband and I weren't going (we waited at the restaurant) and she cried out loud. They had to send her back to us at the restaurant. *facepalm*

So, on Monday morning, we woke her up early and got her ready for school. Had our breakfast together and ready to send her to school. She looked happy and I was less nervous. We had a parent-kid session first in the morning where we make craft and singing together, just to warm things up I guess.

Ok why do all the other girls wear pink? Pink tshirt, pink tudung or pink sandals?

While the principal was giving her speech, all the kids were sitting and the one kid that did not was my little girl. Isk.

After the parent-kid session, it was time for the parent to leave. I called Balqis and told her to salam daddy and say goodbye to Bilal, and she salam us and hug and kiss and I went..

"Nanti Balqis main dengan kawan-kawan baik-baik okay. Mummy kena balik okay. Nanti petang Mummy ambil Balqis tau. Balqis good girl, Balqis jangan cry okay..."

"Ok. Mummy, cepatlah balik."


Ni anak siapa ni??

And we went back and just stayed at home. And what I did? Stalked her principal's Instagram. Yeah, that's me. The over-obsessive-and-protective mother. (I "stumbled upon" her instagram few months back after we registered her to the school.)

I kept on asking husband if he thinks Balqis was doing ok at school. Know what his reply?

"Kamu tengok cerita Papadom tak?"

Ok can I kill him now? Go Google Papadom the movie if you don't get what he meant.

Taken from the principal's Instagram story. Semangat sangat ni duduk depan sekali Hahaha.

We picked her up at the end of the day and she looked happy. Said she didn't cry at all.

I'm a proud Mummy.

Selamat menuntut ilmu, my girl, lillahi ta'ala.


  1. Wah good job Balqis. Tak menangis pun. Ni Ana dok tunggu hari orientasi anak ana. Mak plak yang berdebar lebih. Bab citer papadom tu, ana rasa ana akan mcm tu sebab tadika dia depan pintu rumah je 😂.

  2. wah dah besar dah. heheh bila masuk sekolah ni mula lah kita terasa anak-anak makin membesar bukan? nanti share artikel ni dekat dia tau supaya dia tahu macam mana kecik2 dulu. nostalgia heheeh semoga membesar jadi anak yang solehah

  3. bila anak nk ke school ..yg excited plus riso actually kita sbg ibu since 4 years die dh ke school should be ok by 5years...selamat ke sekolah balqis

  4. Pengalaman yang sangat berharga bila bila kita dapat melihat anak2 membesar depan mata, dari lahir..hingga masuk ke sekolah, ke uni dan bekerja...seorang ibu pasti tak akan melupakan detik2 sebegini

  5. Good luck learn diligently to be a good and good girl to the people and the nation hehehe this way for them not afraid to school ..

  6. wahh anak i baru pergi orientasi tapi mak dia tak pergi sebab busy ke event, kesian anak tapi ayah dia lah yang pergi haritu.. bila ayah pergi benda dia sampai kan pada wife pun benda direct.. i tak puas hati nanti awal persekolahan i akan tanya macam macam cikgu sekolah nanti heee.. apa pun selamat berorientasi dan selamat bersekolah ! ;)

  7. moment sangat , masa saya dulu belum ada platform canggih2 cam sekarang nak kongsi dan abadikan detik2 first time si anak....tunggu seharian kat luar bilik darjah semata nak tengok gelagat si anak belajar menyesuaikan diri...percayalah yang one day kita akan rindu zaman innocent mereka....hehehehe

  8. Bila anak dah masuk sekolah, mesti kita akan cakap dah besar anak kita, sekolah dah. .Hehee.. Masa tu la rasa nak nangis, tak paus main semua dengan dia kan. .good job balqis, tak nangis dia.. Suka dia pergi sekolah tu

  9. A good start there Balqis. Moga terus berkekalan excited sebegini untuk belajar. And mom, be less worry ok. Hehe

  10. good for you and Balqis! seems like she's very independent, some kids terus cry when go to school.. haha so good parenting skill, kudos to you!

    How to deal with markets ups and downs?

  11. Gembira tengok ank kamu suka pergi sekolah masa orientasi ni. Semoga belajar pandai-pandai ye dik.


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