29 Jan 2019

Really tall and long shelf at BookXcess in Gurney Paragon, Penang

So, have you heard about the newly opened book store with a really tall and long shelf?

It's the well know parent of the great Big Bad Wolf book sales, the BookXcess Bookstore now opened in Gurney Paragon mall, Penang!

Located at Level 7 and 8 of Gurney Paragon Mall, this is their 8th outlet and the first store out of the central region! The book store covers over 26 000 sq ft with countless numbers of shelves.

It is also an insta-worthy bookstore, trust me. Too bad I was too occupied with the kids that I did not get the chance to get myself captured for insta purpose lol.

bookxcess gurney paragon mall penang book xcess bookstore

18 Jan 2019

Natural baby products by Chomel Baby

After I read about the negative sides of parabens, I have been switching more to natural products than I was before, especially when it comes to my babies' product. Unfortunately parabens are everywhere, in most commercial products. They can be found in all soaps, body washes, shampoos, and moisturizers.

I first heard of Chomel Baby products when Babydash.com agreed to sponsor for our International Babywearing Event last October and one of the items they gave was Chomel Baby Breast Pump and Bottle Cleanser.

And now I got the chance to try their baby Head to Toe Wash, Daily Lotion and Baby Wipes.

chomel baby daily lotion head to toe shower wash wet tissue no sls natural no paraben

11 Jan 2019

City Walk 2019 In conjunction with City Day

We woke up early on New Year morning to join the other Penangites for the City Walk 2019. City Walk is an annual event organized by Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang in conjunction with City Day. This City Walk is me and husband's third time (after 2014 and 2017), Balqis' second time and of course the first one for Bilal.

What I like about the City Walk is that not like other walk where you just walk for few kilometres to get the medal. One of this walk objective is to let you know more about Penang generally.

Each participants will be given a passport with five Penang attractions or historical places, and you will get a sticker (previous ones were stamped) when you reach the places.

penang city walk city day 2019

9 Jan 2019

#snippetsofmylife : Mummy kena marah

Balik sekolah tadi Balqis excited nak tunjuk kat Mummy craft dia buat hari ni. Mummy bising lah suruh cepat duduk kat car seat sbb ada kereta parent lain tunggu kat belakang.

M: Nanti kalau car tu marah Mummy macam mana?
B: Car tu tak ada mulut dengan mata, mana boleh marah Mummy.
M: Nanti org dalam tu, Mama HS marah Mummy nanti.
B: Tu bukan Mama, tu Papa HS yang ambil HS balik.
M: Ok lah, nanti Papa HS marah Mummy nanti macam mana?
B: Tapi Papa HS tu kan dalam car.
M: Nanti kalau Papa HS turun car nanti marah Mummy.
B: Tapi Mummy kan dalam car.
M: Nanti Papa HS tu ketuk kat sini nanti (cermin tingkap).

Sebelum Balqis sempat jawab, Mummy terus kuatkan volume speaker dan biar dia distracted dgn Super Wings nya.


7 Jan 2019

DIY Kids Art & Craft at Craftomon's, MyTown Kuala Lumpur

Craftomon's by Open Playschool is a children activity store in MyTown shopping mall, Kuala Lumpur. The Craftomon's store is located at Level 1, in front of the escalator near link bridge to IKEA.

We stumbled upon this store while we were there and Balqis requested to do some painting. There are a lot of art and craft activities to do there.  Some of the DIY arts and craft things that you may purchase to bring home, or do it there at the store are key-chain, fridge magnet, coin banks, photo frames and many more.

Of course we like this store. Even though both of us are from science background, we always encourage Balqis to do arts & crafts. And she herself likes to do all those painting, cutting, doodling.

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