Jan 29, 2019

Really tall and long shelf at BookXcess in Gurney Paragon, Penang

So, have you heard about the newly opened book store with a really tall and long shelf?

It's the well know parent of the great Big Bad Wolf book sales, the BookXcess Bookstore now opened in Gurney Paragon mall, Penang!

Located at Level 7 and 8 of Gurney Paragon Mall, this is their 8th outlet and the first store out of the central region! The book store covers over 26 000 sq ft with countless numbers of shelves.

It is also an insta-worthy bookstore, trust me. Too bad I was too occupied with the kids that I did not get the chance to get myself captured for insta purpose lol.

Can you see the reaaallllyyyyy tall shelf?
And that realllyyyy long shelf!

Well, of course what really attract me is the kids' area. We spent more money on children books now than for ourselves. And I just love that we can hang out there, read books at a very comfortable place.

There are unwrapped, sample books so you can read there. Just help them to keep the place tidy by returning the books to its shelf after read.  If you need to check on the wrapped books, just ask for the staff help and they'll unwrapped for you.

Check out some riddles on the wall.
Can you guess? 

Ehem. Eh.

The BookXcess at Gurney Paragon Mall also has two Cafe Wolf corners - one on Level 7 and one on Level 8 - if you need a quick way to refill an empty stomach or quench your thirst.

During the opening weekend, the BookXcess ran a few online contest and we won voucher of RM50! So we went to visit the bookstore again the next day! Two days in a row yeah!

Balqis with her current obsession dinosaur books with the really tall shelf behind - the photo that won us RM50 voucher yeayy!

The winning voucher!

And one more thing. Don't forget the less fortunate than us, and help them to be able to read awesome books too with the Red Readerhood movement. You can help by purchasing any book for children age 3 to 17 and place it in the basket at the book store. 

The books will be distributed to several homes in Penang:
House of Hope
St Joseph's Home
The Salvation Army
Hope Worldwide Penang

P/S: This is officially our (read: MINE) favourite hang out spot with the kids now!


  1. Menarik nya! Jauh ke Penang lak...
    Kalau laaa Nina dapat masuk sini, sure berejam dan sepanjang hari kot dalam ni bersama anak-anak Derang suka books!

  2. Wow nice interior design... tapi mmg seronok kalau ambience best mcm ni kan... amik gambar mesti best erk hehehhe

  3. Xcess ni antara fav place yg kalau dah masuk susah nak keluar. Suka dengan pilihan buku yg ditawarkan plg best banyak diskaun

  4. BEsarnya bookstore ni!!...kalo dekat memang dh pergi bawak anak2 saudara kesana....

  5. Wahhh tak ajak.. 2 weeks ago pi tgk wyg kt tepi tu tak bukak lgi.. Still dalam process pembikinan.. Lepas ni boleh ajak suami n anak2 lepak baca buku kt sni lah

  6. Woww menariknya..besar yang amat, tak pernah lagi tengok bookstore besar macam ni. Kalau ke Penang nak singgah lah nanti. Sure anak suka

  7. Astaga. That is one huge and beautifully arranged book access store. I could spend hours there. I would love to visit there soon.

  8. Memang besar dan puas hati lah kalau datang book store ni. Kalau dekat, memang saya yang selalu lwrgi sebab memang suka buku. Mahu berjam jam buang masa dalam bokk store ni. Nasib baik jauh nun kat penang

  9. i guess this outlet of bookxcess is bigger compared to the outlet i used to go. normally i go to bookxcess in amcorp mall.

  10. Wow. Menarik sungguh. Mahu berjam jam lepak dalam ni tak terasa masa berlalu.. besar, luas, tinggi, panjang... Best! Hope ada peluang ke sini one day

  11. Wahhhh a great place to visit. And tall too 😂 very nice. I used to be biblophile once in a while. I hope i cam bring my daughter nanti. Nice sharing

  12. looks very nice and artistic. a lot people went there to take photo instead of buying book. hahaha anyway it's good to cultivate reading culture.

  13. pergh nampak besar tempat buku dia ni..nampak menarik la..kalau masuk tempat buku ni memnag berjam-jam lamanya..lagi kalau ade tempat duduk macam ni..best ni

  14. wahhhhh! Mesti banyak gila seksyen buku dia kan. Dekorasi pun cantik dan boleh ambik gambar sekalikan. Sape yang instaworthy tak datang sini kalau ke Penang memang rugikan. Plus yang suka mencari buku yang latest pun mesti suka masuk sini :D

  15. Wahhhh BookXcess dah ada dekat penang. Memang best duduk n lepak dekat BookXcess sambil buat kerja. 24 jam pulak tu. wifi pon ada, kafe pon ada, serious best ! Mujur BookXcess nie ada dekat dgn rumah, di Cyberjaya

  16. Tempat fav ni. Tapi yang ni nampak more elegent dan cantik sgt. Suke konsep yg bookxccss bawa ni. Buku2 pun murah dan pelbagai. I wish i can be here soon!

  17. REALLY ?! WOW bestnya... ni mesti kena pergi ni. Thanks for sharing, kalau sampai sini confirm 1 jam tidak cukup hehe

  18. Boleh letak dalam list travel log vainz ni. nanti balik kampung bole pergi bookstore ni. tak sabarnya nak jalan-jalan Penang.

  19. so great to hv surrounded by so many books.. great to spend time in bookxcess.... yeah yeah.. happy reading!