1 Mac 2008


this week is a Heart-Broken Week. not for me. for someone i know. when one of us having such a hard time, we usually spend the time together doing activities such as dinner, bowling or just hanging out.

as for last night, Ikhwan asked us if we were free n wanna go out. The Friend-in-Trouble and I insisted that we should go. while the other said she didn't want to follow (though she made it at last! jahat je tipu2 org), and i suggested that we should go for Sushi since they promised to go to SushiKing with me at least once. then, later the 5 of us were heading to Juru. we missed another one. and I miss to say it's "6 of us".

Welcome to Sushi King~

i ordered, like always, Salmon Steak Set. Nurul just had her dinner during fast-breaking and so did penick. so they didnt order anything. we ordered a Chicken set for Zydah since she cant really eat sushi, or anything raw. Ikh also had some other Chicken set for the nite. both chicken set also were fine. ikh's better, i think. Nurul and Zyd had some difficulties in eating sushi, the miso soup n they don't drink green tea. but still, to both of them. Arigato, for willing to come along n have a sushi-dinner with me.

My Yummyyy Salmon Steak


It happened to be that Ikhwan's friend from high school is doing practical at the Sushi King, and we were served by 4 sushi in a plate instead of the normal 2. lucky us, huh! and she suggested this and that, and told us what's better than what. i should come back there within this 20 days left of her practical days to get more free sushi. hehehe...

zydah, nurul, julia

i spelled this K.A.M.I. =D

and last night... another History was created! Sshhhhh.......

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