30 Mac 2008

Final Draft... Finally Submited!

AAaaahhhhh.....~ feel so great & relieve!
after few months struggling with FYP and report, finally the Final Draft has been submitted on the 28th Mac 2008 (Friday) at about 11++ am.

Sciencedirect and Springerlink had been in my top 5 webs visited for the last 3 months besides Google, The Free Library and Friendster. i read at least 2 new journals in a week. lots of topic to cover. lots of things to understand. I've also downloaded 5 complete and several incomplete eBooks. of all the notes ive read, there was one that i liiikkeee so much. make me easy to remember and understand. kalau la semua nota sepanjang zaman belajar ni menarik macam ni, mesti best kan. easier for us to understand. and help me to get attracted to the notes also.

my room was a mess. i couldnt even sleep well on my bed. terpaksa berkongsi kasih katilku dengan buku-buku dan kertas-kertas.

so pity my baby lappy yang demam2 kepanasan.. it get only few hours of rest each day. urmm..btw, the hours of working werent all for the FYP pun.. few hours were spent on Chuck, Gilmore Girls, Awake & some more. =D

"The Effects of Hybrid Fillers on Mechanical Properties of SMR L and SBR Compounds" finally done!

Another most important thing that help me through this FYP thing.

HP 3-in-1 printing my Final Draft.

now i just need to concerntrate on final exam and FYP viva.
Got 2 papers for the final. 2 days in a row. 7th and 8th of April.
Wish me luck everyone~

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  1. ek eh. . sape printer ngan my fren.
    haha +_+

  2. my old hp printer rosak, and i bought new one exactly like b4 but new model. tp x best yg ni. yg lame nye ade print bridge. leh print gambar dr camera terus. this one cannot. =(


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