7 Apr 2008

Exam... Oh.. Exam...

i have my mold & die design paper this morning at 9. just dropping by, blog-hopping and check the mails to calm myself down. i cant look at the notes anymore. enough input already. adding some more will just help my brain to explode.

last saturday, students from faculty of applied science Uitm Shah Alam (polymer & material tech) who are also members of Plastic & Rubber Institute of Malaysia (PRIM) Student Chapter: Central Region visited our school (PRIM Student Chapter : Northern Region). we couldn't prepare much since everyone is busy studying for final. overall, it turned out good (i guess.. and i hope). and hey, a friend from SAB, Eza was with the group. she called just few minutes before they arrive and told she was coming too. so loooong since we've last met. pics will be uploaded later.

this baby lappy's hard disk had been cleared. the movies + dramas that i've watched had been deleted. why? because... i'm downloading more and more stuffs - preparation for my very long holiday before my viva (on last week of April, maybe). yay!! i am so gonna love holiday. will be back home for a while before coming back here and working on the presentation. might also start sending my stuffs home... leaving USM, huh~

good luck in your very 'final' exam, Julia~
and best wishes to all..

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