25 Apr 2008

Wonderful trip ever!!

went to genting with my lovely girlfriends and boyfriends; zydah, nurul, ikhwan & penick. the very un-planned trip went just fine. if not because of zyd had her pre-viva on thursday, we might as well go to a 2d1n trip. but instead, we went for a very long one day genting trip. took train at 10.48pm tueasday from parit buntar to kl sentral. had mc'd breakfast. i was so hungry. slept for 2 hours on train and the next 4 hours listening to a KTM pakcik talking bout all the facts he'd ever known - astronomy, medical, engineering, politicals issues bla bla bla~

favourite big breakfast

took 8am bus to genting from kl sentral with all park package. oh, the skyway was under maintainance. too bad. xde feel la naik genting x nak skyway~ =(i slept in the bus all the way to genting. i was so sleepy thanx to the pakcik KTM. huhuhu.....

tried all the rides that i've never tried before. but i limit myself. no riding too much rides cuz i know the effect to my own body. not so good due to experiences. =D the sun shone so bright in the afternoon.

thumbs up!!

stop playing at about 1++pm for lunch. had our lunch at burger king. mushroom swiss,pls! and we bought a cake. a friendship cake. a 'thanks-for-the-memories' cake. with candles. 4 candles for our four years of meaningful friendship.


got down at 7pm and had dinner at kl central. headed to puduraya at around 9++pm by putra to masjid jamek to catch our 11pm bus to parit buntar. i steped in kl without going home, can u believe it? this is so not me! huhuhu...

zydah & penick, dinner @ kl sentral

all in all, just wanna thanx my best-dearest-and-great friends for the wonderful trip.

ikh,uyu, penick & zyd,

i know i couldn't make these 4 years here without all of you. thanks for always be there when i needed the shoulders to cry on. and thanks for the memories....

lots of love,


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