10 Apr 2008


Exams finally over. Got 2 papers in 2 days, and now i'm free from the exam-stressed! both papers went just okay. books are away from my sight now. hehehe.... =D

last night, the polymer engineering 4th year students went to have a great mee ketam dinner at Juru, treat from our very own Dr. Zul Ariff. there were like 50 of us, including Dr.Zul and his wife, a vocational officer and 2 Dr.Zul's post-graduate students. thank you very much to Dr. Zul, and have a nice & safe journey~

Eat, people. Eat!

Great Dr.Zul with lovely wife

My big family =D


so, viva will be on the 28th - 30th of April. got to prepare stuffs for that. but, before i'm getting busy with those things, i am gonna enjoy my days at home....!!! yes!! i'm heading home tomorrow. KL..........wait for me!!!! can't wait! can't wait!

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