9 Dis 2010

Agro Bazar @ RnR Ulu Bernam

When I was on my way back home from campus, i received an SMS from mum telling me to stop by at RnR Ulu Bernam (southbound) to buy her the famous Putu Perak. Me, myself has never tried the putu Perak. Mum said she read it in the newspaper about the Putu Perak. In case you’re travelling southbound and wanna give it a try, stop by RnR Ulu Bernam and look for Zie’s Taste.
The Putu Perak

Anyways, from December 3rd, 2010 until January 2nd, 2011, there’ll be an expo, “Promosi Jualan Barangan Industri Asas Tani” at the very same RnR. A lot of things are available there – Gula gula Resdung, Dodol, Pastries, Traditional kueh etc.


Lets  support local industry! ;D

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