1 Dis 2010

If you want it to be a good girl…

…get yourself a.. BAD BOY!

Ok. That’s a title of one of BackStreet Boys songs years back. I keep that in mind, that’s why keep on looking for a bad guy. Ok kidding. :P Mum, please don’t kill me.

Anyhow nowadays watching all the TV series, yes i think most of the characters I like are the bad guys. They are just… too sexy when doing their bad-ass thingy. Don’t you think? Here are some of the bad guys that I can’t take my eyes off and make me impatiently wait for the next episode every week.

ed-westwick-chuck-bass-1 Charles Bartholomew "Chuck" Bass – Gossip Girl

His name itself is already sexy. I can’t even pronounce “Bartholomew” properly but I think it sounds sexy. He’s the worst guy ever, the wicked lass, but even if he spent his time with lots of hot chicks who come and go anytime, he does fall in love with his only true love, Blair Waldrof. How sweet is that? Awww~

Damon Salvatore – The Vampire Diaries

Even Stefan is also a vampire – which naturally makes him a bad guy, he’s just the “good” vampire like my other boyfriend *ehem* Edward Cullen (we’ll get to this later ;p ). While on the other hand, the more charming and evil Damon looks so much hotter. Have you see him making faces when tricking and picking on humans, especially Elena? *drools*

Noah “Puck” Puckerman – Glee.

I tried not to like him at first I saw him on Glee. I tried to say I was going to like the very naive Fin Hudson because he’s the hero, but…. aahh! Puck sings, Puck dances, Puck plays guitar and Puck has MOHAWK! How can you resist him?

liamLiam Court – 90210

He’s trouble. He’s rebellious. He got involved with police. He’s the bad boy of the Beverly Hills.  But how can he fell in love with Naomi at the first place? Urghh! Well, isn’t he just as hot as the other?

eric-true-bloodEric Northman – True Blood

The Sheriff vampire is somehow the ‘bad’ sheriff. Eric - like Damon who fall for Elena - fall for the woman of the story, Sookie Stackhouse, Bill Compoton’s girlfriend. Yes, these bad guys always like to fall in love with someone else’s girlfriend. :p

So, any bad guy available out there? ;p

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