21 Jan 2011

9 must-have items for Chinese New Year

Being a Malay myself, I don’t recall having anything in particular that we need to prepare for Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Aidiladha that symbolic for anything. We just prepare variety of dishes, new clothes and decorate our house for the guest like any other religion would do as celebrating their own ‘raya’.

I was reading The Sun this morning and came across a simple yet informative article regarding how the Chinese celebrates the Chinese New Year. I remember visited my former primary schoolmate -Cheong Ee Wan's house during Chinese New Year and another friend, Narveen's house for Deepavali. Those were the days when I celebrated all the 'raya' in Malaysia. I think I have less multiracial friends now. Or I do, but I just don't share the celebration with them anymore.

We live in Malaysia with different races, religions and cultures. I don’t know if you like to get to know their cultures, but I do. So I’m sharing what I read about celebrating Chinese New Year with those who are interested to know as well.

Chinese New Year 2011 marks the year of Rabbit

9 must-have items for Chinese New Year and their significance

1. Mandarin oranges - Due to its colour, mandarin oranges are symbolic of gold and good fortune

2. Gold cake - Symbol of wealth and prosperity

3. Peanuts - A representation of good times spent with family and friends

4. Yee sang - A toast to wealth, prosperity and good fortune

5. Cookies - The wholesome shape signifies family togetherness

6. Candy - Signifies the sweetness of friendship

7. Canned goodies - A well-stocked home is reflected in the bounty of canned mushrooms, abalone and a host of other goodies. This abundance brings the family together to enjoy while ushering in the new year


8. Beer and stout - Signifies great meetings and good times

9. Shandy - Symbol of having a good time with family and friend

(All pictures are from different sources got via Google)

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