22 Jan 2011

#iheartborneo My Kota Kinabalu Trip - Day 1

Remember the return ticket to Kota Kinabalu that I won from IHeartBorneo, sponsored by FireFly? Well, I claimed it and went to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah with Mum last weekend. I don’t plan to write down the details of each places I went to, cos i’ll do it later in my Travel Blog. But here is how my trip went.

So the trip started as early as 5am, me and mum went to KLIA to go on board on a 655am flight to Kota Kinabalu. Flight took off at around 700am.

Through the windows of the new FireFly Boeing 737-800

Landed around 935am at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, met the car rental guy to take the car. We rented a Kancil, as it was only me and mum. Fuel saving!

Since hotel check in wasn’t until 12noon, we went to the Sunday Market at Gaya Street first to kill the time. This is one of the famous morning flee market in KK. You can get almost everything here.

2011_01_16_9627a2011_01_16_9631aSabah traditional food i.e. Amplang, Kuih Cincin, Kuih Bulan

After buying some things, went to the hotel, check in, solat and out for sight seeing.

First stop. The Observation Tower.
Well, you can’t expect to see KK town from here like you see KL town from the Ampang Lookout Point. But at least you can see the KK town, and the sea. KL got no sea. :(

KK Town from the Observation Tower

Second stop. The Atkinson Tower.
The tower was built as a memorial to the first District Officer of KK (formerly known as Jesselton) who died of "Borneo fever" (malaria) in 1902. 


Third stop.
Sabah Museum and Herritage Village. No photo allowed in the museum, and quarter part of the museum was closed for renovation.

Hanging bridge in the Herritage Village


Forth stop.
Sabah State Mosque.


Fifth stop.
The Double Six Memorial. It's the memorial dedicated to some of Sabah leaders who involved with a plane crash tragedy on the 6th of June, 1976. The monument built on the place of the plane crash.


Sixth stop.
Kampung air. A housing area, which the houses are built floating on the water instead of the land. The kind of house famous in Borneo. Went to experience walking (slowly) on the woods, while amazingly see the kids running around freely without fear of falling into the water -__-"


Seventh stop.
Pasar Kraftangan (Pasar Filipino). Pasar Ikan Masin. Just next to each other.

Back to hotel to freshen up a bit, solat and out for seafood dinner.

Jenahak, prawn and squid. 


Well, since we woke up at around 4 o'clock in the morning, we decided to end our day a bit early on the first day. Watch half time Liverpool game but didn't manage to stay up for Manchester United game. =.=

That's how my first day in KK went.

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