6 Jan 2011

Why I don't write very personal stuff in my personal blog

I consider this blog as a personal blog as I started it as one, and I don’t really blog about specific stuffs like the one I do with my Travel Blog, well as the title says so – for travelling stuffs. But even as a personal blog, I don’t really blog about things that I feel a bit too personal to share with the readers like some other bloggers do. I am not that secretive, if you know me personally, but I have my own reasons on why I refuse to share some little part of my life. And I kind of amazed with some bloggers who really share EVERYTHING with the readers. Some of them make the blog like their own diary. And let everyone read their diary. But if you ever try to ask them don’t they think they’re being too open, you get answers like “Well, it’s my blog, I write everything I want”.

Everyday life

No, my life is not as interesting as yours. I have a boring daily routine since my undergraduate studies (when I started blogging), to post-graduate studies, and now doing my part time work. I don’t shop at branded or designer store. I don’t buy expensive things. Yes, my life is that boring that I don’t think I need to share everyday routine of what I eat, or photo-blog my ‘cam-whoring’ photos in the fitting rooms of clothes that I tried but never buy.


I know some bloggers who write about their family in their blog. I do write about them too. Their birthday. Our holidays and gatherings. Time we happily spend together. Our new family members. But I have never really blog about bad things about my family – maternal or paternal. Not that my family is that perfect. I just think that talking bad about your family in your blog, make it public is disrespectable. It's like airing your own dirty laundry, no?


Few of my blog reader had been questioning me on formspring and on twitter (maybe because they don’t have me on Facebook to see my status) about my relationship status - maybe because I have never talk about any guy in specific calling him my boyfriend or so. I don’t really talk about the guy I’m (or was) with openly because I have experience breaking up. I don’t want to publicly show how my affection towards my so-called-boyfriend, go here and there, share everything, but end up breaking up, then sooner or later getting married to other man and blab la bla. Positive thinking switched on. I’ll just assume that the girls (or boys) who blog passionately about their lovers are confident that they’ll end up marrying each other. Did I just indirectly say that I don’t? -__-“

Yes, I also share some stuffs on Facebook and Twitter. But everything is just on the surface and you wouldn't know exactly what happened on cases I think I should keep (unless you do some digging ;p ). Well at the end “it’s our own blog”, isn’t it? Let us just use the freedom to speak appropriately. Cheers.

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