18 Sep 2008

Iftar with my Girls

I met Nanim around 1pm at KLCC. She had to do some interview for her junior. We walked round and round. Buy some stuff for her first outstation assignment, and we watched movie. Babylon A.D which the ending sangat menyedihkan. Ntah ape2 je la ending dia. But the begining sampai before ending superb la.

We reserved seats at Little Penang Cafe, takut seat penuh since most of the girls will be there after work. Oh, btw, Nanim had to go to Bangsar for iftar.

waiting for the girls

The girls arrived around 6pm, headed to Little Penang for iftar.
My yummy food! Saya makan banyak!!

After makan-makan di Little Penang, we headed to A&W untuk teman Neng yang x makan lagi, since she arived late. And Anwar, Acap & some juniors join us - lepak2. And Nanim too, yang berbuka at Bangsar for Starbucks Iftar with Media or something.

Thank you so much for the time, girls!!

Saya Sangat Suka Jumpa Mereka-Mereka Ini....




Neng Azhanie



Anwar's girl, Syikin

Mirzatul, Nadrah, Shazana

p/s: laptop masih di dalam wad hp centre.... =(

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