28 Mac 2016

Review Daiesu Jigsaw White Linen

Daiesu Jigsaw White Linen 
 75% Organic Cotton 25% Linen 
Jacquard woven, Ecru warp with a Bright White weft
 Size 6 

 Wearee : 1y, 4m, 79 cm, 9.5kg

 When I first received the wrap, it had been travelling for quite some time, hence the wrap is already soft. I’m not sure how the wrap is at loom-state, but I have a feeling that it does not require much breaking in.

Daiesu jigsaw linen is slightly thinner than the new Tatami. But the thickness of the wrap is just nice for it to be soft for younger babies, but still supportive for a toddler. 

I tried the Jigsaw White Linen in front wrap cross carry and double hammock carry. Being still kinda newbie in doing DH, I think the wrap have the magic for passing too. I find it easy to do the passing when doing the complicated DH, tighten it strand by strand and tying the know. (Pardon the sloppy wrap job anyway, due to my not-so-corporative baby). In both carry, at different times, I can say that the wrap did not dig on my shoulder. The Jigsaw white linen is quite cushy and my baby felt weightless when I carry her.  

Being linen-cotton blended, the wrap is more airy too. Which is a very plus point with the weather in Malaysia.

Since I’ve been playing with other Daiesu with vibrant colors like Tatami Apricot and Sakura Autumn MeiTai, I can say this Jigsaw White Linen looks simple yet very elegant to me. The kind of wrap you wanna wear to a formal events, still stand out event in just plan white wrap.

Get your Daiesu Jigsaw White Linen from Daiesu from 
their website www.daiesu.com or Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/Daiesu.

This is my third time reviewing Daiesu's product.
Read the Sakura Autumn Wrap Conversion Mei Tai review here. Got to review Daiesu's Tatami too but was too busy to blog *sigh*

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