10 Sep 2015

Babywearing journey

I got to know about safe babywearing when I was pregnant with my little Balqis. Before that, I thought narrow-based carrier was okay. I started to read on the information regarding safe babywearing with interest. After Balqis was born, I started to join babywearing groups in Facebook such as Malaysian Babywearers, Babywearers' Haven and Malaysian Babywearing FSOT. I was being a silent reader for quite some time - just read and read to know more about safe babywearing.

I was still looking for options and still considering on which gear would I like, which I should buy - wrap, ringsling, ssc, mei tai? And for that, I opted to try using the kain batik lepas I got from my mum - which she got from my grandmother. That was for me, the cheapest safe babywearing option I had, as long as we wear them right, before making decision on which gear I would like to have.

First try. Balqis at 3 months old.
Kindly ignore the sloppy tie job. 

I learnt how to tie the batik lepas from a youtube video by Puan Norashida (Jom Gendong) and I really liked it. I knew at that time I'm already in love with babywearing.

And I think I'm so lucky that my dear husband is very supportive towards this babywearing thing. He doesn't mind lending his ears listening to me 'educate' him on safe babywearing. He knows all the terms like M-shape, deep seat, ergonomic and he can differentiate wrap, ringsling, SSC and meitai for now. 

And he always offers himself to wear our daughter as well. :D

Husband's first time babywearing.

We proceed with batik lepas for quite some time. Still cannot decide on what to buy since we didn't get the chance to try the other carriers. When we were planning for our Langkawi trip, we knew batik lepas wouldn't be a good choice since carrying Balqis with one shoulder for a long hours jalan-jalan did not sound like a good idea, and we think bringing stroller is a big NO NO. Hence we rent an SSC from another babywearing mama.

And I know husband had already fell in love with ssc when he always went "nevermind let me carry her" "it's ok I'll carry her" all the time we were there lol. I even had to ask "can I carry Balqis for a while..?" -__-

Such a daddy's girl...

When we came back, we knew we needed an SSC (eventhough deep inside I've always wanted to try a wrap since you know.. it looks cool like that wrapping lol). Because we tried a meitai before but husband said it's a bit "leceh" need to tie so many tails. SSC is just a clip on thing and of cos he prefers that. And ssc-hunting is on! But man...it took FOREVER to decide on which to get. 

I've always have this spot for Erna im Wunderland from Kokadi since I started babywearing "window shopping" in FSOT group. But there's no Kokadi Flip Erna baby size available. But there were 2 or 3 toddler size flips available. Sigh. Then I saw a mama selling her Kokadi Flip Mr Wunderland. Similar design with Erna but in monochrome. It does look nice too! And I know that's for grab for sure! And there came our very first carrier.. Kokadi Flip Mr Wunderland.

I'm in love with my handsome Mr Wunderland.

I was still haven't satisfy my want and need to try baby wrap. Hence I'm offering myself like for EVERY post I saw on wrap traveling offer in Babywearers' Haven FB group. Seriously buat muka tak malu komen "NAK NAK" "I WANT PLEASE MAMA PLEASE"

And one very good hearted mama from the group PMed me telling me she attended USM during her Master degree and we had some mutual friends. Apparently she knew my husband, and they are friend on FB. And then only I remember her as the girl who always with my other classmate - Ms Siti Nur. She offered me to try her wrap. Like personally offered me. I was in awe with her generosity and could not stop smiling and was waiting impatiently for the wrap to arrived. 

My very first time wrapping.

And my first time trying a wrap is a handwoven. Am I lucky or am I lucky? 
First look. Wowwww she's a beauty...
First touch. Woooaahhh sooo soft....
First wrap. That was not so hard..

She made my heart melt some more when she offered me another wrap to try when I hasn't even return this one yet.

How can you not fall in love with this pretty Cloud?

Very nice color. Thinner than the previous one but supportive. Easy pass. Easy to tie.
Aahhh I wish I could afford this. T__T
*telling myself DO NOT GO INTO THE RABBIT HOLE repetitively*

Yeah I think this one mama has the intention of poisoning me.
I'm pretty sure of that.

Anyhow, thank you so much mama for letting me try on the pwetty pweety wraps!

And then came all the other traveling wrap.. Ahh.... no wonder everyone is talking about this wrap that wrap.. Now I know why... But I only managed to front carry Balqis. She isn't helping every time I wanted to try back carry. For now, I can only back carry her with ssc.

Oh well. Back to my love for Erna. 
I got to try Erna im Wunderland wrap from another Northen Babywearer. Finally got to see touch wear my love at first sight. Later that night, I think the Erna aura came to me, I saw one mama was letting go of her Erna. Her Kokadi Flip Erna in Wunderland in BABY size! I wait no longer and told husband I was gonna buy that and then later we decide what to do with our Mr Wunderland. Must not let Erna go! Very fast decision was made hihihi well you know...

Can't get my eyes off of you, Erna...

(Pardon me for the women crush I have with Erna)



And friend, this is not the end.
This is just the beginning of a journey...

*evil grin*

Husband is already worry with my cloth diaper addiction, and now this. Hahaha. 
Sorry not sorry. 

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  1. Assalamualaikum sis. What happen to Mr Wunderland now? Pls3 say u still have him hihi. Been hunting for a wunderland flip for ages (2 months actually 😄)

    1. Wassalam..

      Awww.. Dah jual dah. Hehe.
      Try carik kat MBFSOT FB group kot2 ada yg jual ke. hehe.


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