6 Dis 2015

Review Daiesu Sakura Autumn Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Daiesu Sakura Autumn Baby Size Wrap Conversion Mei Tai

Wearee : 1 year old, 75.5 cm, 8kg
Duration of wearing : about 1.5 to 2 hours

First impression of mei tai : Lovely color irl! <3 <3

First impression when wearing : Baby looks happy in it. No pain on shoulder after few hours of carrying my baby.This is the second mei tai i've tried and first time trying Daiesu's WCMT - definitely more comfortable compare to the other MT. Super love it!

The Sakura Autumn WCMT really changed the way I see a mei tai. When I first wear my baby, I find it quite difficult to do the passing. well, i only tried mei tai for few times only. But when I try tighten up and tying the knot, I found that it’s easier and the knot is smaller than the other MT i've tried - this is such a plus point for me! Big knot is a big no no.

The body panel fits my daughter perfectly. She outgrew some baby size so fast due to not getting the k2k anymore as she's quite a tall baby. But standard size body panel is sometimes too big for her as she's quite a thin baby. I think this MT body panel is just nice for my baby - who is tall but not too chubby.

I love the padded shoulder. My daughter seems to be weigh-less and I didnt feel any pain on my shoulder. and my waist too! I also like that I can spread open the shoulder straps to give extra support to the wearee.

I would really love to think that my baby is comfortable inside the MT because she didn’t struggle to come out and pop up and straighten her legs like she used to when we wear her. Hence I’m a happy wearer too! 

And again, the color is really pretty irl!! Super love!

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  1. Owh thanks a lot for this review!!! Agak2 sesuai x mei tai ni utk newborn?? Blh cinch?~tia~


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