29 Okt 2010

I’m one of the lucky Maxis10!

I was hanging out in the campus library (yes, hangout, not studying :P ) with a friend when suddenly my phone vibrated. I saw a non-familiar number but since it’s KL number (+603..) it could be any of my cousins’ offices number. I picked it up.

No, the caller wasn’t one of my cousins neither anyone I knew. She’s just someone who deliver a good news to me that almost make me shout in the library. She asked me to keep the news to myself until it is officially announced but being me, I just can’t keep it to myself… -__-'

So I tweeted.


I got lots of mentions (and even DM) asking me why I was so excited. But I managed to not telling anyone (exceptional for Baiti :p ).

And guys, *ehem* have a look.

Yes, that’s my name yawww! ;p

So, I collected the Nokia N8 at Maxis Centre this morning and will start reviewing soon.
Wish me luck in reviewing, guys! :D

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