27 Okt 2010

Spot the food with Foodspotting

Do you love food - any kind of food? If you do, come join the latest hottest food spotting web in town - Foodspotting.com! In this site, you can upload the picture & details of meals you had to share the experience with your friends, and browse the other famous and delicious dishes around you spotted by others. Together we can share the love for food.

Ok, talking about foods just make me hungry -__-"

Check out the foods I’ve spotted here – http://www.foodspotting.com/bubbles182 :D

I’ve tried variety of food, more than just featured on my Foodspotting.com, but some of the times i got too hungry and forgot to snap the pictures. With this new site, I’ll make sure to snap each and every single food and drink I have to share with the world. :P

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