7 Okt 2010

So long my dear Honda C70…

Atuk (my grandfather) owned a Honda C70 (see the past tense),which I loved so much. I grew up with the motorcycle. I have a lot of memories with that old C70.

Atuk sent me to the kindergartens riding that old bike.

Atuk took me on an evening ride around Kampung Pandan with that old bike.

Atuk sent me to primary school at Changkat Thambi Dollah, near the Berjaya Time Square building with that old bike.

Atuk sent me to high school every Wednesday morning (because I refused to take a bus with my KRS uniform on, it would get all crumpled huhu) with that old bike.

I learned to ride a motorcycle with that old bike.

I spent my almost-25 years looking with that old bike.

I loved that old bike.


I got a news yesterday from home that Atuk sold that old bike to someone else for only God knows why. Yes, he bought a new motorcycle recently but none of us, the cousins ever thought that he would sell the old C70.

I can’t help but crying. Yes, I did. So what if I cry? I was just being all sentimental and emotional for a thing that have such sentimental value to me.

8423_138027218043_575488043_2537456_4294777_nMy last picture with the old bike during Raya 2009.

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