7 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Capturing Penang with the 12MP camera

Through these few days I’ve spent with the Nokia N8, yes there are few things that do not satisfied me. But, as a person who love photography, I’d say Nokia N8 is by far the smart phone with the best camera built.
Nokia N8 offers its 12 megapixels (mp) camera with Carl Zeiss optic, maximum aperture f/2.8 with xenon flash. The flash range is 3-3.5m for normal condition. The camera has the wide-angle capabilities of a 28mm lens which would be very convenience than the typical 35mm. The 1/1.83” sensor used in the N8 uses 1.75 micron pixels which, with its 12-megapixel resolving capability, results in a sensor larger than most compact digital cameras. The ISO range is ISO100 (default), ISO400 and ISO800.

In a video of Dr. Hubert Nasse of Carl Zeiss talking about the N8 camera module during Photokina 2010 in Cologne, he stated that the Carl Zeiss lens inside the N8 are made out of 5 single optical elements with complex shapes never seen before in large scale optics. This results in excellent image quality.

The camera function of the Nokia N8 included of some setting options like Scene mode, Self-timer, Colour tone, White Balance, Light Sensitivity (ISO) and the Face detection, which are mostly available in compact digital camera.

So, below are some untouched pictures taken with the Nokia N8. The 12mp size photos are in 4:3 ratio while the 9mp photos are in 16:9 ratio.

05112010161 Penang Bridge. Landscape mode. 9mp.

03112010108 Balik Pulau. Landscape mode. 9mp.

03112010099Ayaq campoq. Close up mode. 12mp.

05112010175Myself. Portrait mode. 12mp.

03112010116 Botanical Garden. Close up mode.12mp.

05112010193Botanical Garden. Normal mode. 9mp.

05112010177Coconut Shake. Close up mode. 12mp.

03112010131The Floating Mosque. Night mode. 12mp.

05112010207Feringhi Night Market. Night mode. 12mp.

05112010206 Feringhi Night Market. Night Mode. 12mp.

07112010251Jeruk at Chow Rasta. Close up mode. 12mp.

06112010221Rumah Kelahiran P. Ramlee. Landscape mode. 9mp.

07112010249Myself again. Portrait mode.  12mp.

07112010245 Penang Road. Normal mode. 9mp.

07112010246 Name of a building in Penang Road. Normal mode. 9mp.

07112010258Penang famous popiah skin maker. Normal Mode. 12mp.

07112010265Lanca ride at Padang Kota. Normal mode. 12mp.

03112010076Penang ferry. Normal mode. 9mp. 

03112010090Penang Ferry & KOMTAR. Normal mode. 9mp.

Yes, photography is fun with N8!

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