2 Nov 2010

Nokia N8 – Social Networking made easy

If you’ve been reading my blog for quite some times, you would came across this post and know that I am a total social network addict especially Twitter. I check my Twitter and Facebook for like once every 5 minutes.

When I first received the Nokia N8, I wonder if its social networking-friendly. What I did first was to download all available Social Network application from the Ovi Store, and it was easy. Thanks for my Maxis Unlimited Data plan, I don’t have to worry to download as many application as I want :P


But the key highlight of N8 for a social network addict is the pre-installed Social Network application by Ovi. With this application, the contacts in the phone can be linked to their social network, i.e Twitter and Facebook via the Ovi by Nokia.

This is how the Twitter and Facebook under Social Network look like.


With this application, you can easily upload your photos captured to Twitter, Facebook or both with just clicks away. On the photo preview, there’s a share button just like the one you always see on the net.

Click on the share button…

… and choose where to upload. As simple as ABC. :)

It’ll then be uploaded to your social network.

And now Let see how the contact in N8 phone book can be integrated to the social network.
Click on the ‘Friend Search’ in the Social Network application, and type in the name of the contact person i.e. Aman Firdaus.


Contact with name Aman Firdaus found in my Twitter list and Facebook friend will be listed.


Then. click on the person social network, and link it to their Contact information.


To check their updates from Contacts.

So, this is how the Contacts (a.k.a Phone Book looks like). Click on the name i.e Aman Firdaus.


When the contact for Aman Firdaus opens, the details for phones and mails are listed with a Social Networks button.

Note that the contact has no profile image.

Click on the ‘Social Networks’ button.


The Twitter and Facebook summarize page is up! You can see the latest status update in both social network. Email of contacts will appear on Facebook part if they update their email address in their Facebook account.
And you can also add the contact image from their Twitter or Facebook profile image.


Click ‘More’ on Twitter or Facebook links to view profile and use picture for contacts.


And look. The contact for Aman Firdaus is now updated with contact image from her Facebook profile image. Easy, isn’t it?

I can set all my contacts with image even I don’t have the chance to meet each of them to snap their pictures.
And now I can keep myself updated with friends’ Twitter and Facebook update easily. :D Careful people, I just upgraded myself to become a full time stalker now. Hahaha.

p/s: Thanks to Aman Firdaus from amanz.my, who is also a Maxis10 alumni and got to review HTC Desire for ‘lending’ me his name :P

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